12 Symbols in Feng Shui & Their Meaning

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 08 2020

If you are trying to Feng Shui your home, but you aren’t sure from where to start, then adding Feng Shui symbols to your home can help you to do just that! With Feng Shui, everything is about placement, directions, and figuring out which parts of your home are the best for enhancing certain types of energy. Most of the time, when you figure out the best places in your home for particular energy, you use that knowledge to place your furniture in the right position so that the positive feng shui energy can flow freely in your home.

However, that doesn’t stop there, and placing your furniture in the right place is definitely not the only way to Feng Shui your home. Applying symbols, and popular Feng Shui cures in the right place of your home can also help you to invite wealth, love, protection, or simply luck and positive energy in your home? So, how can you do just that?

What Is The Difference Between Feng Shui Symbols And Cures?

First off it’s very important to understand the difference between Feng Shui symbols and cures. Although a lot of people think that they are the same, it’s not necessarily like that for every symbol.

Feng Shui cures are usually symbols that are used from ancient times – from the dawn of creation for Feng Shui. Basically, they have been used for thousands of years and they are very popular, which is why often just by looking at such a cure or something similar looking to that cure, for a lot of people it symbolizes that particular energy. For example, ancient Chinese coins are a popular money cure in Feng Shui, but even people who don’t know a thing about Feng Shui know that they symbolize wealth. So, Feng Shui cures can also be Feng Shui symbols. Feng Shui symbols, on the other hand, are not necessarily Feng Shui cures.

Feng Shui symbols can be ancient feng shui cures, they can also be simple objects in your home that represent one of the 5 elements in feng shui, they can also be something specific to you that works only for you, such as adding happy pictures of you and your loved one in your bedroom for increasing the love energy in your home. Whether it’s a money cure or a symbol, it’s important to understand what that symbol/cure is for, and how to use it properly in your home.

Why Are Feng Shui Symbols Important?

Feng Shui symbols/cures are important to add to your home because they enhance certain types of energy in your home, they invite good feng shui energy and they make your home more inviting for positive feng shui energy that can help you create your own damn magic! Depending on the feng shui symbol/cure that you use, you can enhance different types of positive vibes in your home. Here are a few symbols that can enhance different types of positive Feng Shui energy in your home:

Best Feng Shui Symbols For Luck And Positive Energy

If you want to invite joyful, lucky energy in your home there are a lot of luck and happiness Feng Shui symbols/cures that can help you! Here are the best feng shui symbols for luck and positive energy:

Elephant – The elephant is one of the most common symbols for good luck, positive energy, wisdom, and fertility. Depending on the type of elephant symbol you use and where you place it, it can represent any of the above-mentioned energies. However, for the purpose of inviting lucky and joyful energy, an elephant with the trunk up is considered the best type of elephant symbol to have in your home. Place it in your office or in your living room to invite that beautiful, lucky energy.

Lucky Cat – The lucky cat or Maneki Neko is a very famous Japanese Feng Shui cure for inviting lucky and abundant energy in the home, office, or business. It’s an upward sitting cat, with a paw facing upwards, sometimes the paw is moving and sometimes it stands still. The belief is that the upward paw invites people in, which is why it’s often used at the entrance of stores and businesses. However, you can use it in your home as well. The best place for it in your home is definitely your home office or the southeast Bagua of your home.

Green Aventurine – Crystals are an amazing way to invite positive feng shui energy to your home. Luck, joy, and zest for life are all part of the beautiful energy that Green Aventurine creates, which is why it can be the perfect Feng Shui symbol for luck and joy in your home. The best shape is a bowl of tumbled stones, a sphere, or a puffed heart. The best place for it in your home is definitely east of the southeast part of your home.

Best Feng Shui Symbols For Wealth And Prosperity

If you want to invite abundant energy in your home, attract some wealth or extra income then there are a lot of wealth and prosperity Feng Shui symbols/cures that can help you! Here are the best feng shui symbols for wealth and prosperous energy:

Chinese Coins – Chinese coins are one of the most ancient types of money feng shui cures. Although the currency of these coins hasn’t been used for thousands of years, they are still around because they are so widely known for helping invite abundant energy in your home. There are a lot of ways to use Chinese coins – you can carry them with you, place them in a drawer in your office that you open often (it has to be neat, and clean!) or you can simply place them at visible places in either the money area in your home or your home office.

Wealth Ship – A sailing wealth ship is one of the most popular money symbols in Feng Shui. The symbolism behind it is that the abundance in your life will sail towards you, similarly as ships sail towards the ports. Any wooden ship can be used as a wealth ship; however, you should avoid warships or ships that have cannons on them. To enhance the abundant energy you can also fill your ship with Chinese coins or crystals for attracting prosperity. Your home office, money area in your home, southeast corner of your home, or close to your doorway. Whichever place you choose in your home, the ship should always be placed so that it sails into your home, never outside.

Dragon Turtle – The dragon turtle is one of the oldest money cures in Feng Shui. It’s usually connected to attracting wealth, career advancement, and lucky energy. The dragon turtle is usually golden but it can also be any other color, and it usually stands on top of a lot of coins and wealth. The specific ones for money cures usually have a Chinese Coin in their mouth as well. To attract the wealth you can place it in the money area or in the luck area in your home for career advancement. Try to get a golden one, because they are a specifically made money cure to attract wealth and prosperity into any home.

Citrine Gem Tree – A great way to incorporate crystals for wealth and prosperity in your home as a Feng Shui money symbol is through a gem tree. Gem trees or bonsai wishing trees are created with the belief that by arranging the branches of the tree by listening to your intuition while focusing on your wish, the crystal will enhance your wish and help you make it true. That’s why a Citrine Gem Tree is an amazing way to be used as a Feng Shui money symbol in your home office or living room to help you attract wealth and prosperity. Citrine is a well-known crystal that helps in attracting and maintaining abundance, so even if it’s not a gem tree, it’s a good idea to keep it around your home to attract some extra wealth and income. Best

Feng Shui Symbols For Love And Relationships

If you are looking to attract some good Feng Shui vibes to help you maintain a better love life with your loved one, to enhance the love between you and your partner, or protect it, then there are a lot of Feng Shui cures and symbols to help you out. Depending on the purpose, you can use different symbols and cures such as:

Mandarin Ducks – One of the widely known Feng Shui cures for love is definitely the mandarin ducks. They are the oldest Feng Shui cure, deeply embedded into the Chinese and Japanese Feng Shui tradition. They can be used to attract a love partner in your life or to protect and enhance the love in an already existing relationship/marriage. They should always be in pairs, and if you can get ones made from Rose Quartz that will even further enhance the love energy. If you get regular ones, you can pair them up close to your Rose Crystals in your home so that they can keep and protect the love in your relationship. The best place for them to be placed in your home is the southwest area in your home.

Dragon & Phoenix – The dragon is one of the most powerful symbols in Feng Shui, which is deeply rooted in Chinese history. In Feng Shui it’s often displayed as a Feng Shui cure, however, when paired up with the Phoenix, it becomes a powerful symbol for a harmonious marriage. It is believed that the dragon and the phoenix represent the balance and harmony between the yin and yang energies in a marriage. It’s an amazing cure that protects and harmonizes marriage between spouses, whether it is used as a figure or a painting. The best place for this cure is definitely the southwest area or the bedroom of your home.

Rose Quartz – Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals from the crystal world when it comes to enhancing love energy and opening yourself up to unconditional love. In Feng Shui, Rose Quartz is often used as a symbol for attracting love, balancing and harmonizing a relationship or marriage, or simply for enhancing love in your home. You can pair up Rose Quartz with Mandarin Ducks as described above, or you can place a bowl of rose quartz crystals in your bedroom or living room. A popular way to also use Rose Quartz as a love symbol to promote happy, loving energy in your relationship is to place two Rose Quartz Hearts in the southwest area in your home. Either way, you use it, Rose Quartz is an amazing crystal to have in your home when you are working on your love relationships or marriage because common knowledge is that when you are looking for love Feng Shui cures for your home is that you should work on enhancing the Earth and Fire element – both of which Rose Quartz represents.

Extra Tip: Place pictures of happy memories in your home from you and your partner to promote even more positive love Feng Shui energy.

Best Feng Shui Symbols For Protection

One of the purposes of Feng Shui besides promoting beautiful, kind, and positive Feng Shui vibes in your home, it’s to also make it strong and protected. If you have been wondering what you can do so that your home can become a safe haven energetically then applying Feng Shui cures and symbols for protection in your home might just do the trick. Here are a few of the best Feng Shui symbols for protection:

Fu dogs – Fu dogs are actually Imperial Guardian Lions, and in Feng Shui, they are a well-known Feng Shui cure for protection. However, different types of Fu Dogs carry different vibes. To use Fu dogs for protection, they should be made either of jade, or you should display a tassel with Fu Dogs on it. The tassel’s protective and positive vibes are further enhanced if it’s paired with a mystic knot. Fu Dogs' amazing properties are best when they are placed near your entrance, and even closer to your front door. In Feng Shui, protective cures are most often placed near the entrance, especially Fu Dogs because they are guardians of your home.

Tortoise – The tortoise is one of the oldest, most respected symbols from ancient China, and one of the best Feng Shui cures for grounding and protection. The tortoise has a lot of purposes in Feng Shui, but one of the most popular ones is definitely using it as a Feng Shui cure for protection. To strengthen energy in your home, and boost protection use the tortoise in the back of your house. Sometimes the tortoise can also be used in the office to enhance protection – both your work one and the one at home, but it should always be placed in the back of the room.

Chi Lin – One of the older Feng Shui cures that are often used for protection and good health is definitely Chi Lin’s. Chi Lin is a mythical creature from Chinese history that has a dragon head and the body of a horse. It’s one of the most widely used protective cures in Feng Shui because it’s believed to be one of the most loyal cures to the owner. No matter what type of Chi Lin you buy, they will all promote beautiful protective energy with a blessing for good health as well. The best places in your home for Chi Lin are either your living room or your entrance – never place it in your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, or you should be good!

Black Tourmaline, Hematite & Black Obsidian – The best crystals for protection in the crystal world are also widely used as Feng Shui symbols when it comes to protection. They all have deeply grounding and protective properties that make them perfect for using to protect your home from unwanted negative vibes. They can all usually be placed near the entrance of your home. Hematite is usually best placed on the inside part of your home, near the entrance. Black Obsidian is best used either on the inside of your entrance or on the outside, right next to your front door. Black Tourmaline, on the other hand, can be used both ways, but it can also be used to protect your home energetically by placing 4 pieces of Black tourmaline in the outermost corners of your home, forming sort of a protective shield around your home. Whichever crystal you use to Feng Shui your home, rest assured that they will keep your home well protected.

***Note: Please remember to ALWAYS cleanse your crystals before you place them in your home so that you can Feng Shui your home properly. It’s not that crystals can hold negative vibes, but sometimes by going from one hand to another in the delivery process, being stored in various boxes, getting touched by a lot of people in stores, can diminish the energy of the crystal. That’s why it’s important to always cleanse your crystals and keep them in optimal energetical shape.

Tune in to our blog to learn more about Feng Shui Symbols And Cures, And How To Use Them Properly In Your Home!



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