Sharing your time is a thing

Written by Marija Bajlozova


Posted on October 29 2016

Are you stingy with your time?
Do you show up for others as much as they show up for you?
If not, do you think if you showed up for them more they would do the same? Reflect on why or why not.

What is the universe trying to teach you?

Everyone knows sharing is caring!  How often do you share with others around you?  Apparently the more you give, the more you will receive.  Which is nice and all, but sometimes sharing without expecting anything in return is so much cooler (and rewarding). Since most folks are out and about being social on Saturdays, we are dedicating this day to sharing.  That way you're friends will think you're nicer.  Feel free to chat about your sharing experience in our Feeding Your Soul, Igniting Your Magic private group!



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