Word Of The Week – Self-Reflecting

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on December 24 2019

In our very busy lives, most of the time we spend pushing forward. There is always the next big thing in the future, the next goal, the next milestone which we set in our lives. However, no matter how much you push forward, sometimes our thoughts are getting back to the past, and we relive memories. Sometimes very pleasant ones, and sometimes not so pleasant.

And while dwelling in the past all of the time won’t do us any good, setting aside time for self-reflection is a must, if you want to live a more fulfilling life. So, how exactly does self-reflection work, and why is it important?

What is Self-Reflection?

Self-reflection is the practice of setting aside some time and focusing on your past and present life. Although most of the time living in the past won’t help us spark up the magic, self-reflection is much more different than living in the past. How so?

Because self-reflection is born out of self-discipline – instead of letting your mind wander freely at all times on autopilot mode, you are devoting some time of the day to truly focus on your past, and get the answers you need. In a way, you are not letting your mind to fetch random memories through the day, but rather you are disciplining your mind and improving your focus.

Why is Self-Reflection Important?

Self-reflection is a great practice to incorporate into your everyday life because as we go through life, we learn so much. It’s simply not enough to always push forward if we don’t take the time to reflect on the past and to learn from it.

The mistakes, the good times, the random memories that keep coming back, it’s all coming back to you for a reason. You can be a better, stronger, fulfilled magical self but you have to give yourself a chance to make sense of things that happen to you, process the day, understand yourself, comprehend the progress you have made in life, and bring order to yourself.

It’s much easier to move forward in life if you stop to see which path has that magical spark you have been looking for, right? So, that’s why we recommend to take some time every day and to start making sense of the pieces that are coming back. You don’t have to make sense of your whole life in one day, but you can always start by setting some time at the end of each day to process it and bring order to your thoughts and emotions. Soon, bit by bit you will gain a better understanding of yourself, and accept every piece of yourself.

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