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Posted on March 21 2019

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Whatever your astrological sign is, you have a very favorable birth planet, also called your dominant planet. It has powers you need to understand to find your true path in life, develop your personality, find your hidden talents, and, above all, express your true nature each and every day. Knowing more about your dominant planet is one of the keys to success and a better life.

For astrologists, there are ten planets, aside from Earth. They include: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, as well as the Sun and the Moon, two celestial bodies that astrologists consider planets.

Each Planet Brings Qualities and Strengths

Depending on your astrological sign, you’re governed by one or more dominant planets.

Below you’ll find the characteristics and qualities of the 10 planets, each of which emits specific vibrations that influence all the signs it’s connected to in different ways. In other words, a planet will not necessarily produce the same effects and benefits for all signs. The dominance of a planet has its good and bad sides.

What follows is a list of the dominant planets, and how they impact the signs they’re linked to. Find out which planet(s) you’re affected by, then exploit its qualities, and restrain or transform its negative aspects into advantages.

Being aware of the characteristics of your dominant planet(s), along with those of your astrological sign, can go a long way towards helping you make positive changes in your life.

The Sun

Signs: Aries and Leo

Element: Fire

Temperament: Sun people are often anxious. They ask themselves a lot of questions and worry about minor things. At the same time, they have great willpower, and can be explosive in action.

People under the dominance of the Sun are very dependent on their emotions, which they sometimes have trouble keeping under control. They can be very passionate and get completely involved in whatever they’re doing.


Signs: Gemini and Virgo

Element: Earth

Temperament: People born under the dominance of Mercury are generally nervous, sensitive, and easily irritated. They tend to lose their cool at the slightest provocation. They can sometimes be very emotional and sensitive, and not inclined to action. At other times, they’re the opposite.


Signs: Taurus, Libra, Pisces

Element: Air

Temperament: People who have Venus as their dominant planet have a taste for beauty, well-being, and gentle manners. The energy of their planet encourages them to keep things in order under any circumstances. They like to be peaceful and try to defuse conflicts and arguments through compromise and diplomacy. They can be charming and passionate.


Signs: Aries and Capricorn

Element: Fire

Temperament: People who have Mars as their dominant planet have a combative nature. Although they may suffer from anxiety, they never give up, and refuse to let adversity triumph. People governed by Mars are dynamic and highly entrepreneurial. The downside is that they can be authoritative, or even despotic, and get angry easily.


Signs: Sagittarius, Cancer and Pisces

Element: Air

Temperament:  People who were born with Jupiter as their dominant planet have a volatile character and can easily become angry or get carried away. They are generally extroverted, active, and like to be noticed. Jupiterians can easily provoke their own Luck, as long as they believe in themselves. The planet brings wealth and glory to those who maintain a positive attitude.


Signs: Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra

Element: Earth

Temperament: People who have Saturn as their dominant planet are generally unemotional, and not very active. They have trouble getting themselves moving, and often become lost in thought. The planet can cause problems overcoming obstacles. People with this stellar influence need to use their mental abilities to make progress and become stronger.


Signs: Aquarius and Scorpio

Element: Fire

Temperament: People born with Uranus as their dominant planet are very creative and have a lot of original ideas. Unfortunately, they often hesitate before putting those ideas into practice. They need to be more audacious. Uranians are often nervous, sensitive, and passionate. Those who can successfully impose their ideas on others should expect positive changes in their life.


Signs: Pisces and Cancer

Element: Water

Temperament: People born with Neptune as their dominant planet are not prone to action and tend to be slow in the way they think and react. They also don’t like sudden changes in their life. These people are dreamers, who can lose themselves in the meanderings of the mind. They have a bent for spirituality, are very generous, and sometimes a little too credulous.


Signs: Scorpio and Pisces

Element: Fire

Temperament: People with Pluto as their dominant planet are passionate, sometimes to excess. That can make them aggressive, both verbally and physically. Plutonians are attracted by the occult. They’re mysterious and hard to get to know. When aware of their abilities, they can exercise a lot of power.

The Moon

Signs: Cancer and Taurus

Element: Fire

Temperament: People born with the Moon as their dominant planet can be very emotional, have trouble controlling themselves, and are followers rather than leaders. They can also be insensitive and not very demonstrative. Lunar people can be very emotional, and have trouble controlling their feelings. They’re followers rather than leaders and can sometimes be insensitive and undemonstrative.

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