5 Rituals to Celebrate the 2019 Spring Equinox (Horoscope.com Feature Excerpt)

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on March 20 2019

Spring Equinox marks the start of new Astrological cycle and is a time ripe with new beginnings!  Each year, the astrological cycle kicks off with the Spring Equinox in the sign of Aries encouraging us to initiate changes we’ve been working up to throughout the last cycle.  

This is the perfect time to plant seeds of intention for major goals or desires you want to manifest in your life. Similar to how mother nature goes through her cycles of death and rebirth throughout the year, we go through psychological versions of these cycles. In astrology, the seasons, equinoxes and solstices represent this psychological and spiritual evolution process. An equinox occurs when day and night are equal length, while a solstice occurs at the point in time when the sun reaches its most northerly or southerly point in the sky.

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