Mercury's Gone Direct Horoscopes

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on May 04 2017

Hello there star gazers!  We've made you some very special Mercury retrograde horoscopes. Enjoy!!  If you want to learn even more, be sure to check out our Astrology Reports and Astrology Readings too.


Mercury spent the last three weeks wreaking havoc to your first house of appearances, first impressions and presentation.  So maybe you had a few blunders that might have led to folks seeming a little confused by you.  Worry not, now that this little fellow has gone direct, you can totally pick up the pieces.  Reach out to any new folks you met and reintroduce yourself. Who says 2nd impressions can't be better than first impressions!  It might be the New Beginning (almost) you were looking for.


Secrets anyone??  This time, Mercury went digging for dirt.  Mercury retrograde in your 12th house of secrets, hidden issues and retreat might have brought out some dirty laundry for you.  On the bright side, they do say when things come to the surface, it just means you are ready for some serious healing.  Anything that you discovered or stumbled upon in the last three weeks, just came about because you are ready to deal with it and let it go.  Now that you know, it’s time to be kind, compassionate and loving to yourself and others (even if that means letting go of them).  Maybe try journaling for some answers, ask yourself ‘what am I supposed to learn from this’ and ‘why was I not aware of it before’.   See what you hear.  Then take the lesson to heart and let it go. 


What about your friendssss??  This retrograde bought some shakeup in your friendship house.  You might have gotten into it with a buddy or two, maybe someone misinterpreted what the other really meant.  Now that it’s over, take some time to re-evaluate if the friendship is worth saving.  If it is, then take your buddy for some Cinco de Mayo margaritas.  If not, then move on and make some new friends.  It’s about to be warming up on the east coast, so check out some rooftop meetups or something to invite some new besties to your inner circle.  One thing to note is Mercury retrograde does a great job of shining light to the less than stellar qualities in ourselves and those around us.  Before you go jumping to any conclusions or playing the blame game, make sure you take time to self-evaluate and take responsibility for any roles you played in the conflict.  Forgive yourself and others, then move on.


Your career might have felt like it was just not progressing over the last couple of weeks.  Never fear, my dear.  Sometimes a retrograde here will make us feel like we took 3 steps back for every 1 step forward.  We promise you, that was not the case.  As with all things, it’s always a good idea to double check your work.  When it comes to your career, this retrograde was asking you to re-evaluate your career path.  Where do you see yourself next year, in 5 years, in 10 years, etc?  Are you currently in route to that goal?   If the answer was yes, then you might have just a had a couple mild annoyances.  But, if not, Mercury shook things up a bit so you can see clearly where you need to make adjustments.  This is especially true if you are don’t even know what you want yet in your career.  Just a little reminder, if you don’t have a dream, there is no way you can have a dream come true.  Pretty, please dear Cancer, start dreaming again, if this is you.  Make a vision board, light a candle, write a list, get A Little Career Change, do something, so that you can have something to work towards.  Mercury just needed to ruffle your feathers so you can get on track to take over the world.    


Mercury retrograding through your 9th house of higher education, philosophy, beliefs/views, rituals and self-improvement could have had you in a really, really introspective mood over the last few weeks.  This was a great time to see the beliefs/views that you hold that are holding you back in life.  A great way to explore this a little further is to make a list of the top 5 items you really struggled with in the last three weeks.  Now, ask yourself, what you beliefs do you hold about how, why and what happened to make you feel like you struggled during that time period.  You are what you believe, so don’t you want to believe the best and therefore become, attract and be the best version of you as possible?


Sounds like Mercury might have messed with your ability to properly merge resources over the last three weeks, no?  Mercury was all turned around in your house of merging of resources aka sharing, borrowing, inheriting, paying money, bodies or spirits.  One really, really good thing that could have come from Mercury moving on backwards here is that it was a great time to renegotiate loans and interest rates.  It was not a good time to sign new contracts, but an excellent time to re-sign an improved version of an old contract.  If you had a tough time, try to see it as an opportunity to change how you approach your resources, yours and the resources of others.  Make a budget for yourself, consolidate your loans (student or credit cards) or set up some payment plans you can handle. 


Did someone replace your partner (love or business) with a crazy person over the last three weeks?  Nope, just Mercury messing with you, hun.  This retrograde would have brought out the crazy in others for you.  It was a test to see how you keep your cool.  Well, not exactly, but that’s what it sure felt like.  When Mercury goes retrograde in your 7th house of relationships, it is likely to bring up any relationship issues ya’ll need to work out, even the ones you’d rather not bother working on.  The goal is to uncover them so that you can move forward in a stronger, healthier relationship.  Now that you know what you need to improve, as a team, now is the time to make steps to improve!  Have a date night and/or a brainstorming session on how you want to grow together as partners and how you will get there. If you need help, you gotta check out A Little Love Connection.


Where do we begin, my Scorpio friend.  The lord of communication was screwing up your work and daily activities sector.  Your coworkers might been sending mixed messages, you may have had one too many computer crashes or maybe your whole life just felt sort of out of balance.  Now that you are past this fun filled retrograde, it’s time to pick up the pieces.  Take that coworker you butted heads with out for a coffee.  Tell ‘em Mercury was retrograde.  We guarantee they will get it.  Once you’re done with that, try to re-build your daily habitual rituals and/or exercises.  You might have run across some scheduling conflicts during this retrograde, where you felt things were just not going your way.  We are talking normal things, like going to the gym, eating at consistent times, showering.  If the order or way you were organizing that stuff broke down over the two weeks, try to reflect on how and come up with a new and improved way of scheduling them.  Google calendar and A Healthy Little Push go a very long way. 


Ohhh loveeeee.  Mercury retrograde could have brought back some spicy lovers from your past or even reminded you of a creative project you neglected.  Fortunately you had the time to review either.  Is that cutie you met ions in it for the long haul?  If so, keep it pushing, you’re reunited at last.  If not, then did you finally get the closure you secretly yearned for?  Well that’s what good old, Mercury hoped for.  Now that he is moving forward, it’s time to make a choice.  Stick with the cutie or let ‘em go.  As for any projects you might have re-started, good for you, Sag!  Now try to keep the momentum going and don’t let the procrastination get you this time.  You got it. And if that former flame fizzled fast, there’s always other fish in the sea. Find A Little Love might be the boost you need. 


Did your home feel a little out of order over the last three weeks?  Perhaps you had to start a home improvement project or you had one go left.  Mercury was rolling through your fourth house, causing you to shift your focus back home more than you would like.  The good thing about Mercury retrograde is it gives us a chance to re-evaluate things we could have missed.  Yep, you should have fixed that dishwasher months ago.  Maybe you’d been spending just a tab more time than you should at work, and needed to create better work/life balance?  Well, take those lessons to heart, Capricorn.  With a stable home, you will only perform better at work.  A Little Inner could totally help you out with your work/life balance goals.


You guys had a pretty tough last three weeks.  All things communication, thinking, talking, writing, transportation, commuting, travelling might have been tough for you.  Navigating your relationships with your siblings could have been pretty tricky as well.  But, on a happy note, maybe you had to revise a few things that you missed previously.  Try to think of the positive things you learned over the last few weeks and see how you can apply them on the go forward.  Also, we hope you spent some of the time re-evaluating how you communicate, any writing projects you were working on and how you relate to your siblings (if you have any).  It’s now time to take the next step if what you learned.  Is there a project you re-started when Mercury was retrograde?  Now is the time to push forward on it!


Can we talk about bank errors, check mishaps and overdraft charges?  Or did you have to renegotiate your salary or compensation package?  Well you can put all that behind you now.  Hate to break it to you, but sometimes mercury can be good, pointing out our inefficiencies so we can make the changes necessary to get it together.  If this retrograde was tough on your pockets, worry not.  One, it's over now.  Two, you learned now valuable lessons on how to better manage your cash.  Take them to heart and do better.  If you didn't love how that renegotiation at work went, with mercury direct, you might be able to chat with the higher ups again.  Reflect on what went down and prepare to try again. If that’s a no-go, start working on a vision board or grabbing A Little Career Change could help you plot and plan for the future.  



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