Word Of The Week - Mercury The Ruler of Gemini

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 26 2020

We have finally entered the Gemini season, full of new opportunities to create our own damn magic! The only question now is, what does Gemini bring, and in which fields of your life is the right time to create magic and manifest? To answer that, we have to learn more about Gemini, and what type of energy is driving Gemini forward. Usually, each sign is being pushed forward by the planet that governs that zodiac sign, in Gemini’s case, that’s the notorious Mercury!

We’re sure that the very mention of Mercury might give you a little trigger from its last retrograde, but don’t be so quick to judge! We knooooow that Mercury retrogrades can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, but only if you don’t take them as an opportunity to settle down and reevaluate where you are at life. After all, that’s all Mercury wants to tell you – settle yourself down, make peace with yourself, and push forward even more fiercely than ever.

But that’s for retrogrades only! What does the wise and playful Mercury hold for you when it’s in full swing, during the Gemini season? Let’s start from Gemini first:

Gemini is represented by the symbol of the Twins which represents dynamic, often opposite energy, and connection – both internal and external. It says a lot about Gemini because they easily adapt to change, and often find a way to connect with a lot of people simply because they are so communicative in nature.

On the other hand, the process also goes inwards, connecting to every aspect of oneself. As a zodiac sign, Gemini is often described as communicative, creative, curious, and adventurous. They don’t fear the change, they embrace it and adapt to it. And right now, as everyone is struggling with connecting, this beautiful Gemini energy will help us to truly connect inwards AND outwards.

The playful, communicative energy of Gemini comes mostly from the planet that rules Gemini – Mercury. Mercury is the planet that governs communication, information, and how you express and process your thoughts. It flows with fast, playful energy that gives Mercury the reputation of being unpredictable.

In mythology, Mercury is known as a messenger, and it’s similar in Astrology because Mercury governs communication, and self-expression. In a way, when you meet a person, you first see their Mercury energy, because that’s the very first self-expression you will see from that person.

Furthermore, Mercury is not a very emotional planet, quite the opposite, it can be said that it’s the planet of intellect because it governs how you process information, how you think, and how you sort things out. Curiosity to learn, explore, embark on an adventure are all drives from the energy Mercury gives out.

But, also, on the other specter, sometimes Mercury energy can make you somewhat high strung, indecisive and overall nervous. Depending on the position Mercury was during your birth, and the astrology house in which it was, it can have different influences on you as a person over your whole life, and in periods where Mercury energy is especially powerful, like now, during Gemini Season.

To learn more about what expects you during this period, check out your weekly and monthly horoscope, and if you want to learn more about the influence each and every planet has over you check your natal chart.

Tune in to our blog to create magic during Gemini Season! We have A LOT to share with you!



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