Astro Alert: Mercury in Sagittarius

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on November 17 2022

Mercury, the planet of learning and communication, shifts from inquisitive Scorpio to optimistic Sagittarius on the 17th, bringing three weeks of increased mental activity.

If Mercury in Scorpio was all about second-guessing apparent truths, getting to the bottom of a problem, and only sharing secrets with those we trust, Mercury in Sagittarius takes us to the next level of faith and understanding, pushing us to extract the wisdom we’ve gained in Scorpio season and use it to discover new horizons.

Over The Rainbow

In broad-minded and freedom-loving Sagittarius, Mercury loves to ask the big questions of life and seek answers in faraway places. This transit favors intellectual pursuits such as learning a new language, attending cultural events, or working on a publishing project, but it also marks a great time to connect to the divine (Sagittarius is the sign of religion and spirituality) through learning more about certain traditions or spiritual practices. 

In the following weeks, we’ll be less preoccupied with the details and more interested in the bigger picture; we’ll have less patience with daily routines or chit-chat and more passion for books, podcasts, events, or conversations that introduce us to new ways of thinking. Intellectual stimulation is the name of the game, especially for those of us with strong Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, or Sagittarius energy. Many of us (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn in particular) might be more preoccupied with symbols, signs, and dreams at this time.

Relationships: Learning Together

Because Mercury rules our interactions and our communication style, his journey through the zodiac influences the way we reach out to others and the main themes that are activated in our relationships. In Sagittarius, Mercury speaks about open-mindedness, generosity, and mutual growth. 

The following weeks can bring eye-opening conversations and synchronicities that lead us to the right information at the right time. For Sagittarius, the world is an endless source of knowledge and fascination! We can make the most of this expansive energy by taking advantage of new learning or social opportunities and cultivating a beginner’s mind.

Ideally, Mercury in Sagittarius supports us to be open-minded in our relationships, receptive to good advice, and ready to offer words of wisdom when needed. We can create connections that help us thrive together by alternately taking the role of a student and a (humble) teacher with others.

In contrast, we can find a judgmental attitude, a tendency to talk rather than listen, and a penchant for giving unsolicited advice in the shadow of this placement. How can you share your voice without silencing others or set boundaries with those who only see their personal truth at this time?

The Gift Of Hope

Above all, Mercury in Sagittarius brings a bright, cheerful energy that helps us expect the best from the future. To make the most of this transit, you can notice your thoughts in the following weeks and perhaps spend more time writing down positive affirmations or visualizing your goals.  

A few key dates for 2022’s Mercury in Sagittarius transit:

November 21. Today is an ideal day for launching a communication-related project, going to an interview, or holding an important meeting. With Mercury, the planet of communication, in conjunction with Venus, the planet of love and harmony, we can easily exchange ideas and reach a compromise at this time. 

November 29. Because many of us are focusing on our personal interests first, communication can be more difficult than usual today. Some people might have a shorter fuse and there’s a higher probability of conflict, especially around personal beliefs. Our tips: notice your triggers and find an outlet for extra nervous energy.

December 1. A dynamic aspect between Mercury and Neptune, the planet of dreams, imagination, and illusion, makes this a great day for daydreaming and creativity… and a confusing day for linear thinking and routine tasks. Remember the usual Mercury retrograde misunderstandings and mix-ups? We might be in for a repeat! Don’t believe everything you hear today and take extra time for mental rest.

December 6. This day is like a double-edged sword: when intellectual Mercury clashes with Jupiter, the planet of “more”, we can either have a great day for learning and new experiences or a challenging time (perhaps marked by indecision or information overload) for our nervous systems. Our tips: ground yourself if life is more hectic than usual and avoid jumping to conclusions.

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