Astro Alert: Mars Enters Taurus Today!

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on January 06 2021

After we’ve spent half of 2020 soaking in the energy of passionate Mars in Aries and reconsidering our goals, as well as our courage to take lead, Mars in Taurus brings us a time of solidifying the gains we’ve made until now. From January to March, we’re supported to follow our goals slowly, but surely, putting last year’s ideas and impulses into practice step by step.

Fast-paced Mars is traditionally in detriment in the steady sign of the Bull, but this doesn’t diminish his energy; it only prompts us to slow down, to think twice, and to plan ahead before taking action. It could take a while until we work up the courage to take the first step, but what we’re starting during the following two months is bound to be long-lasting and solid if we stick to it.

Luckily, this is one of the things that Mars in Taurus is best at, once he’s taken that leap of faith: letting himself propelled by the force of inertia towards the finish line. What kind of work is asking for your slow, patient, and persistent effort in the next months? 

Mars in Taurus can make it more difficult to express our anger or frustration directly, so let’s stay mindful and choose an alternative course of action before unexpressed emotions reach a boiling point. With this Mars placement, angry outbursts can be intense.

Physical exercise, sex, indulging our senses, spending time in nature, or doing practical activities can help release pent-up feelings and improve our connection with our body. Until March, we’ll be focused on the body, its pleasures, its limits, and its ways of storing & releasing tension. What desires have made a home in you and how can you find physical expression for them?

Mars will stay locked intense aspects with the Aquarius planets (Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun, Venus) for most of his transit through Taurus, making it challenging to act upon our desires, whether it’s because of external limitations or internal workings such as restlessness or overthinking. We’ll have a high level of nervous energy during the next months and we might need to integrate instinct with reason, inertia with the change, safety with risk-taking, finding ways to honor our bodies, and our need for stability while also rolling with upcoming changes. 

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