Astro Alert: Mars Goes Retrograde in Aries

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on September 07 2020

On September 9, action-seeking Mars will start backtracking in his home sign, Aries. This is a big one! Until November 14, we might feel that it’s difficult to take action or to express ourselves directly, but this is only because we’re prompted to look within, to clarify our ambitions, and to process old conflicts before we’re ready to move forward with more confidence.

From about September 8 to 12, the effect is intensified by Mars stationing before and after his retrograde. Old power plays or conflicts could resurface during these days, making us feel defensive or angry. What message does your anger or frustration have for you?

Mars Retrograde In Aries: September 9- November 14

Once every two years, Mars, the planet of action, initiative, and instinct goes retrograde for two months, marking a time when introspection is better than action and revisiting old projects comes more natural than starting something new. When Mars is retrograde, we’re likely to feel more tired, irritable, and reactive than usual and we need to rest rather than to push forward with our agenda.

This can be frustrating since Mars finds it difficult to stay still or to move backward- especially in pioneering Aries. Looking at the astrological symbol of this fiery planet tells us enough about his desire to act, to pierce, to progress. The following two months can face us with delays or obstacles, especially from authority figures, institutions…or bad timing. There’s a need to look within at the way we’ve been expressing our Mars (our drive, assertion, initiative) and see if there are patterns that keep repeating in our lives, manifesting similar situations in the outside world. Do you tend to feel like a victim? Do you push forward or escalate conflicts? Do you trust yourself, your intuition, your inner leader?

The following two months could bring up past conflicts or past sexual relationships, all to help us become more aware of our current desires and priorities, beyond what we used to want or how we used to react. The tricky part is that Mars retrograde can make us feel like we’re living in the past, so we could surprise ourselves by getting triggered or aroused by something (or someone) in the same way that we used to do before. During the following two months, it helps to stay mindful of our reactions and to separate the present from the past. What do you really want now, from your current level of self-confidence? Can you find an alternative way of reacting?

Mars will be locked into three squares with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto for the rest of the year, challenging us to set our priorities straight and to endure delays or frustrations. One way of seeing things is that the Universe is schooling our inner warrior into its full power. Let’s find compassion for ourselves and for others (everyone is likely to be more sensitive during the following months) and invite a little gentleness and patience into our lives. If you have important planets or points in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you’ll be feeling this transit the most!

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