Magical Intuition Building – Keeping a Dream Journal

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 04 2018

In today’s way of life, we rely too much on logic and facts. For example, if you ask anyone about making a decision, they will probably tell you that you should know all the facts, think everything through rationally before making a choice. But even though logic and rationality are always a first choice, you have all experienced something different. Even if you logically thought of a particular solution, your intuition was telling you otherwise.

And your intuition was right, even if there wasn’t logical reasoning behind that decision.

Intuition is very important in our lives, it’s the language our higher self speaks. Through it, it guides you through life. But with today’s way of life, your senses have probably gone dull and that connection with your higher self might not be as strong. Luckily, the road to awakening your own damn magic is through strengthening your intuition and the connection with your higher self. We have developed a set of Magical Intuition building Exercises that will help you do just that! So, let’s start with the first exercise:

Magical Intuition Building – Exercise 1 – Keeping a Dream Journal

Sometimes, our subconscious mind has a lot to say. And sometimes, your higher self has a lot to say through it. The natural way where your subconscious mind comes to the surface is through your dreams. But, dreams have a funny way of slipping away from our memories once we wake up. By keeping a dream journal, you will be able to analyze your dreams more closely. Here is what you should do:

1. Pick a small notepad and pen that will be your dream journal. We recommend something with hardcover so it will be easier for you to write on it while you are in bed.

2. Always place your notepad close to your bed. 

3. Once you wake up, reach for your dream journal first to write your dreams.

4. Always assign a title for your dream and write the date and day. This way you will have easier time getting around when you analyze it.

5. The important thing is to write every little detail from your dreams in your dream journals. The scenes, the people, your thoughts, smells, everything that you can remember is important.

6. Sometimes, if your dreams are very visual, or too many things happen in them you can use the keyword system so the dream won’t slip away from you. The keyword system is to write down only words that associate you to the important parts of your dreams, before the dream and memory slips away. Then you can write the dream in more details by following this principle.

7. After that, try to interpret the meaning of your dreams, write down your thoughts.

8. Assign to yourself a day of the week where you will read all the dreams from that week. We recommend for you to do it on Sundays, but you can use any day you want.

9. Read your dream journal and seek for patterns. We recommend for you to use a different color pen for this part, so your journal won’t get too messy. Underline or circle parts that repeat themselves. You can even use sticky notes. 

10. Once a month, read all the dreams from the dream journal and compare repeating patterns. Remember the feeling, the energy that you got while these patterns were repeating.

The main thing to remember that the dream journal is a method that requires time for you to strengthen your intuition and see the patterns.



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