Higher Self – Word of the Week

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 07 2018

Your Higher Self is the very divine energy that created you.

It’s an eternal part of you and you can never divide it or see where the Higher Self begins and your physical state begins. It’s within you, in every cell and atom of you. Your Higher Self is you in your purest and most beautiful form. And why is that? Because your Higher Self wants you to be happy and is leading you through life with the help of a language of its own. That is the subtle language of intuition.

You are made to experience life. Every experience makes you grow and evolve as a person. Your Higher Self wants the best possible outcome for you in life. Which means that you should stop relying on your senses and get stressed about everyday problems. Instead, you should get in touch with someone who is not clouded with perceptions of your everyday life. Someone that wants the very best of you. Someone that has always been there.

Your very best friend – Your Higher Self.

It’s time to dig deep into your unconscious mind and find your Higher Self. Dig deep within yourself, because all the answers that you are seeking are already answered within you. You hold all the answers to your questions, so explore yourself, look around, and your magic will awake!



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