Magical Intuition Building – Awaken your Creativity

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 11 2018

With today’s lifestyle, it’s really hard to develop your intuition. The stress from work, the anxiety for the following day, the regrets from the past, it all overwhelmed your senses. When you are preoccupied with everyday things, you suppress more and more of your intuition. And if you do that, then it’s harder to contact your Higher Self. The first step that you should take when contacting your Higher Self is building your intuition. It’s like learning the language your Higher Self speaks so you can communicate better with each other. And one of the best ways to do so is by awakening your creativity.

Creativity is something that comes from within you. Something clicks inside you, and you are awakened. So many ideas flood your mind, one after the other, each unique and beautiful. This happens because you have strongly focused in your goal. On what you focus, your higher-self strives to take you to the path of achieving it! But, creativity isn’t something that comes whenever you want. So here are some tips on how to awaken it:

1. Write, write, write – In your deep subconscious mind, lays your higher self. Sometimes the best way to let it all out is by writing. Take a piece of paper and a pen and start writing. Don’t think and don’t care how it looks. Turn yourself off and just write. By doing so, you can help the subconscious part of you come to the surface.

2. Painting – Even if you aren’t the best painter, give it a shot. The mixing of colors, the unexpected shapes and forms they can spark up a whole process inside you. It’s a great way to invite your higher self to express something through a sudden burst of creativity.

3. Listening to Music – Sounds have enormous impact on us. By listening to music that inspires you, you can spark up your creativity. Sounds can also be used for sound healing.

4. Meditate – Meditation has it’s many perks, especially when you master it. One of the benefits is that through different meditations and visualizations you can awake your creativity. Check our Awaken Your Creativity Meditation!

5. Use crystals – If you have tried everything but you feel as if you have hit a wall and nothing gets through your higher self, then crystals are the best way to break the wall. Using the correct crystals can help you to awaken your creativity. Check our Crystal Guides for more information.

6. Brainstorm it – Sometimes, it seems like you have great pieces of ideas but somehow you have no idea how to connect them. It’s like they are different parts of completely different puzzles. The trick is to get a piece of paper and write as many ideas as you can. Then when you end up with a messy list you can start getting the pieces together. Think of it like a connecting the dots puzzle.

7. Reconnect with Nature – Mother Nature is a big part of us since you already come from it. Spending more time in nature, and focusing on the minimalistic aspects of it can help you get a big burst of inspiration and creativity. Check our Reconnecting with Nature Meditation.

8. Dance it Off – If your mind is buzzing with so many ideas and thoughts that you can’t understand what your higher self is trying to say to you it’s time to dance it off. Volume up, thoughts out and dance your heart out! Sometimes, clearing your mind is the best thing you can do to spark up the creativity in the right direction.

9. Essential Oils – The sense of smell has immense power over you. Just think of freshly baked cookies and your mouth will surely start to water. The same is with any aspect of your life. If you want a shift of energy or trying to get creative it’s just a matter of choosing the right essential oil. Check out our Awesome Essential Oils Guide.

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