Magical Dream Guide – Interpret Your Dreams! Vol.2

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 23 2018

As you already know, dreaming is something everyone experiences. That is of course because dreams have way deeper meaning than you may think. They reflect on yourself as a person, on your current surroundings, and sometimes you can even sense and see things that are in your future. There are just so many layers of dreaming, as there are layers of dream interpretation. This is why we decided to make an awesome dream guide for you guys! This dream guide will ease you into the magical world of dreams and will help you figure out what your dreams mean. And hopefully, with that insight, you will make your own damn magic and share it with the world! So, let’s get to it:


One of the most awesome dreams for sure is flying and soaring through the skies. But what exactly does it mean? Well, flying can have so many meanings. If you are controlling your flight it means that you are in control of your own life. Things are going well, as planned. If you are looking down and seeing things from a height, then it may mean that you have finally seen the wider picture in life and you have gained a new, better perspective of the situation you are in.  If you are flying fast or high it signifies that you are a very confident person. If there are many obstacles along the way, it might mean that someone or something is standing in your way of success. 

Test Dreams

If there is a dream that can be described as frustrating – taking a test and failing it definitely hits the spot. But it all comes back to one thing – anxiety. So it all comes down to having a reality check, and to see what the cause of that anxiety is. Usually dreaming this kind of dream indicates that maybe you are unprepared for something in your life, or maybe thinking you are not up for the challenge ahead of you and you are afraid to fail. Maybe your confidence is shaken and you are feeling insecure or maybe you have just been pushing yourself too hard to achieve goals that you have set up too high. 


Even if it is just a dream, it leaves a bitter taste. But is your unconscious mind trying to tell you that it might be happening in reality? Or if you are the one cheating, deep down, are you ready to move on? The most important part to remember this kind of dream is – they are almost never about any actual cheating.

If you are being cheated on – It might mean that you are not spending as much time with your partner as you used to. Maybe you need more affection form your partner. Or, you just don’t have enough self-esteem and think you are not deserving of the love you are receiving. Sometimes, these dreams can indicate that you are having trust issues with your partner or fear of abandonment. 

If you are cheating – Maybe you are feeling some guilt and self-betrayal. Or if you have been dishonest, this can easily manifest as a dream in which you are cheating on your partner. Sometimes, these dreams mean the deepening of your sexuality and sexual needs. If you are taking your relationship to the next level, of course with it comes a new level of comfort in your sexual life. In that case, this kind of dream means exploring your sexuality and taking it to the next level.

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