Word of the Week - Love

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on October 13 2018

Love is such a strong word, and yet it is used so often. You see it every day, people declaring love and rushing through life to find the one. The soulmate. But, is that the true meaning of love? A lot of things have changed through history, and today in our little, modernized worlds with all those busy schedules it seems like there is no time for love. And we are not talking just about romantic relationships. It seems that there isn't any kind of love to go around. And it's a shame because love is a force that moves the world. With love, you can achieve anything.

With all the twisted perceptions in society, you probably didn't really learn how to love and accept yourself. And with your busy way of life, you probably don't have the time for it now. But, that is simply wrong. There is always a few moments to spare even in the busiest days. Instead of noticing the little things you don't like about yourself, you can spend those few moments noticing the things you love about yourself. It's simple, but somehow, noticing the imperfections has become a vile, negative habit. And if you need someone to love you, and to tell you the truth which you don't accept - how can you ever expect that relationship to grow? How can you ever give love, when you don't nurture love inside of you?

Furthermore, relationships have become more open and free. But, that doesn't mean that in a relationship it's all about passion, sex, and lust. Sure, having a partner that you are attracted to is amazing but, it's far from true love. It's also not about knowing their every move and spending every single moment together. It's about helping each other grow. It's about wanting what is best for your partner but also being yourself, and giving yourself what you need. Love is amazing, it is the force that moves the world, but that doesn't mean that you should stop thinking when you are in love.

Because, if you truly love someone, you'd want them to grow, to help them and understand them. Much like a parent that unconditionally loves it's child and nurtures them without ever expecting anything in return. That doesn't mean that you should give up on the steamy nights between the sheets. It just means that love has many different aspects.

Like when you were studying something, the homework for the subject you loved was the easiest to make while the other ones were just a bother. And so is in life as well. If you love what you do in your life, everything will be a joy. Of course, you don't always get to choose, because to love, you need to survive first. But, that doesn't mean that you don't get to do what you love. Every day should be filled with love, of any kind. And it is your choice how to spend your time because the time will pass anyway.

So, love purely, be amazing and discover the joy in life. That's how the magic awakens!



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