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Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on June 13 2019

Astrology is soo much more than your Sun Sign! Did you know that there are 9 other very important planets in your unique, natal chart that help to determine your personality and what makes your special? The Sun, also known as the planet that dictates your sign, represents your identity, drive and life force. It is the most consistent part of who you are. Just think about it. Everyone is a little different depending on the circumstance or person they are interacting with. You’re a little different around your mom than you are around your lover, right? But, there is still a core part of you that is the same. This is what the Sun represents in Astrology. There’s also the Moon (yep, it’s a planet in Astrology), Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus.


How Do The Planets Affect You?

The Moon represents your emotional makeup, how you nurture yourself, your relationship with your mom and your needs.

Mercury governs how you communicate, process information and share your thoughts.

Venus shows us how we love, how we like to be loved and our attitude about money and values.

Mars guides our drive, ambition and the pace at which we operate in life.

Jupiter tells us where our luck and special gifts are. Wherever Jupiter touches is where we expand!

Saturn shows us where our karma, fears and greatest areas of improvement are.

Uranus represents how we want to be unique, special and leave our special mark on the world.

Neptune tells us how we dream, indulge, interact with the spiritual world and where our addictions are.

Pluto shows us all our super powers. Just remember super powers can be used for peace or chaos.


Now that you have the basics down, don’t you want to learn where these planets are for your chart??


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