Astro Alert: Jupiter Squares Uranus

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 18 2021

In a natal chart, Jupiter square Uranus is the mark of a bohemian or a revolutionary. In transit, this aspect awakens our wild side, activates our rebellious streak, and makes us prone to disregard long-term consequences for the sake of momentary release. We’ll be less inclined to follow routines and more determined to set our own rules around this day and, more generally, during the entire month. This could be a time of breaking free from limitations or a time of making mistakes- born, perhaps, from impulsivity or self-righteousness- from which we can learn later on. 

On a social level, we could see themes of traditionalism (Uranus in Taurus) clashing with liberalism (Jupiter in Aquarius), with both sides unyielding in their convictions. Stubbornness, rigidity, and intolerance mark the shadow of this explosive aspect, reminding us to stay aware of our own impulse towards change and to reflect on our motivations. Do I want to break free because I’m running away from something I’d rather not face, or out of an authentic desire for growth? Am I hurting anyone with my detachment, rashness, or obstinacy? What kind of perspective change would nurture me the most?

Uranus in Taurus, the promoter of financial change and environmental awareness, could bring shifts in the way we manage our resources when activated by progressive Jupiter in Aquarius. Joining resources with like-minded people, fostering a sense of community and sharing, nurturing global awareness, and finding productive ways of shaking up our routines are great ways to effectively use the energy of this square. 

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