How Yoga Improves Your Sex Life

Written by Tiffany


Posted on January 03 2018

When you are an avid yoga practitioner you hear sexual comments from men and women alike. And they’re totally right, yoga absolutely affects your sex life and in more ways than one. I think what comes to most peoples’ minds Is flexibility. Duh. Your average yogi can touch there toes and bend into all sorts of positions. Sure some don’t use this in the bedroom, but it’s easier to experiment a la karma sutra when one or both partners can twist like a pretzel with ease, and hold his or her body up using just the forearms. For the person with the not-so- regular vinyasa practice, try to stretch regularly and take a supplement to loosen up your joints. Yes, I recommended a joint supplement for sex. It will loosen the knees and elbows and increase overall flexibility. Happy experimenting in the bedroom (or somewhere else)

Flexibility is the obvious factor when correlating better sex and a steady yoga practice. However, practicing yoga regularly INCREASES YOUR CONFIDENCE. Yoga is not something you master. It’s a practice. The average person does not walk into the room and is suddenly able to go from balancing on her arms in crow pose, to a tripod headstand, and back again. It’s not realistic. This is months or years of practice, and dedication.

Through yoga you put stress on the body to relieve the stress in your mind, and you sweat the small stuff less. You learn to breathe and let things go. You learn to appreciate your body for what it can do. One day, you can barely touch your toes, and soon you not only touch your toes, but you’re balancing in side plank with one leg in the air with your fingers around your big toe! You soon realize your body is capable of amazing things, and it’s because of your concentration and hard work. You appreciate your body what it does for you, thus realizing that those that get to experience your body in a sexual way, are lucky to be doing so. Through yoga you create a beautiful body, probably in the aesthetic sense as well since it’s physical exercise, but more importantly in strength and mentality. You lose insecurities, and don’t worry about what you look like naked, so that you thoroughly enjoy having sex and you aren’t letting your mind wonder. You know that your beautiful body can flow through sun salutations in the most wonderful way, and they are lucky to have a sexual experience with you.

I highly recommend a regular practice to anyone. It can’t hurt your sex like. And remember, always consult a physician before starting any new exercise routine.



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