How long before I start seeing results from Meditation?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 03 2018

These are the most often asked questions about Meditation.

When will it start to work?
How will it magically change my life?
When will I see the results?

The thing is, the core of these questions is set wrong. These questions come from the belief that Meditation has the purpose to change our lives completely, transform us into a new being and make our life perfect. I am sorry guys, but Meditation isn’t a pill that you take daily and in a couple of days everything will be different.

Meditation is a daily, lifelong habit, in which you take the time to get to know yourself.

You put down roots in the very core of your being, where your magical spark resides and you observe yourself and your thoughts and by doing so, you become stronger, balanced and more in peace. And that internal balance and stability becomes the very core of your well-being in your spirit and your mind. You have to be in charge, you have to start your magical journey and make your own damn magic because in life, nothing happens magically on its own. Magic is everywhere, but we have to put some effort into making it.

And if you were wondering how you might do so here are a couple of guidelines below to help you into getting the best of Meditation:

1. Make Meditation a permanent thing in your life – like brushing your teeth.

2. Don’t expect anything from it, just explore yourself

3. Know yourself and work on yourself. Once you know yourself, you will know how the entire world works.




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