How to use a crystal sphere?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on April 26 2019

We’ve all seen it one hundred times in the movies – the Oracle looking into the crystal sphere and seeing the future, past and present. But we all know that in reality, it doesn’t work that way. However, before you judge these tools as house decor and nothing more, we think you should learn something more about them. For example, did you know that crystal spheres are actually very handy crystal healing tools and they have a lot of uses? Because they do! And today we will walk you through the various ways of using crystal spheres:

Focus Point in Meditation Altar

Each crystal radiates with a unique energy frequency. The gifts from mother Earth are excellent tools for healing different aspects of ourselves. The easiest way to heal yourself with the help of crystals is to connect yourself to your crystals. And what better way to do so, if not with meditation? By using crystals to guide you through your healing meditations you can improve your focus and the efficiency of your meditations. And that’s where crystal spheres come in to play. Crystal spheres are actually one of the best tools that you can use as a focal point during your meditations because the shimmering crystal is an excellent choice to guide you during your meditation.

Relieve Stress & Emotional Blockage

Have you ever got back home, completely beat up after a very harsh day? Or maybe you just feel some kind of emotional discomfort, but you are unsure what it is? These are all very common issues that we have faced many times, but did you know that a crystal sphere can be a relaxing solution that you wished you knew sooner? When you’ve had a harsh day all you need to do is to lay down and use your crystal sphere in circular motions through your body. Start with your hands, below your chest and your thighs. The crystal sphere will relieve pressure, both physical and energetical.

Raise the Vibes in Your Home

If you have been feeling like your home is losing a lot of its comforting, relaxing energy it might mean that low-frequency vibes are lurking in your home. Or, even worse, the flow of the life force in your home is disturbed. Either way, your solution is to raise the vibes in your home. Crystal spheres are excellent for bringing the magic back to your home. Simply put one sphere in each room, or if you feel like some rooms are far too big for one sphere, use an odd number of spheres in that room. You will notice the shift in energy almost instantly!

We hope that we have helped you discover that crystal spheres are even more magical than you thought! Tune in to our blog to learn more about the magic of crystal healing!



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