How To Time Candle Magic Rituals With Moon Phases?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on August 19 2019

The Moon is very powerful, and each cycle of the moon, reveals a new side of the moon, and by doing so the moon also reveals a new part of us. Each moon phase holds great importance because each moon phase is great for particular energies in our lives. And it’s very important to time things accordingly. Especially when you are doing candle magic.

As you might already know, candle magic can be very powerful, because candles represent the combined elements of nature which make them one of the most powerful tools for manifesting and creating rituals. When timed with the appropriate moon phase, the candle magic is even stronger and more potent.

Whether it is starting something new, or re-evaluating things in life, there is always the optimal time to do so according to the moon phase. So, why not use it to enhance your candle magic? Why not make the most of both and awaken your magic?

Here is how to use moon phases to enhance your candle magic:

1. New Moon

A new moon for a new beginning. If you want to start working on a new project, trying to accomplish a new goal, or even trying to take a new step forward – then this is the perfect moon phase to set your intentions into your candles. Lighting a candle during this phase can help you let go of past patterns and perspectives that have been holding you back, and it can also help you to start a new chapter of your life, with a fresh outlook.

2. Waxing Moon

In this moon phase, the moon is slowly progressing from a new moon towards a full moon. This is the perfect time to take that first step and make attraction related rituals. That new job, new lover, promotion, or even just attracting extra cash – this is the perfect time to light a candle to do so.

3. Full Moon

The journey of the moon is at its end when the moon is finally full. This is the time that your goals should be accomplished, and it’s a time for celebration. All gratefulness candle magic rituals are perfect during this moon phase. Also, any self-improvement rituals, as well as increasing motivation candle magic rituals, are all great choices during this specific time.

4. Waning Moon

This is the time when the moon transitions from a full moon to a new moon. This moon phase’s focus is one of releasing energy. This is the perfect time to cleanse your tools, cleanse yourself with candle magic, and making protective candle magic rituals for yourself and your home. During this time it’s very easy to be affected by all the energy that is released, and your vibes to be lowered, which is why making protective candle magic rituals for yourself and your home are the best choice during this moon phase.

However, be warned – true magic comes from you. And even though you had the timing right, and all the right candles at hand – you are the key. Because if you don’t believe, if you don’t pull your whole heart into giving the Universe a sample of what you want to receive, the Universe won’t have anything to bounce back. So make sure that before all your rituals, you start with a clean slate, no wandering thoughts, emotions, or wavering hope and faith. Bring your A-game always! And if you feel like you are a little off, and you need an extra boost, try pillar candles with pre-set intentions. They can make the whole difference!!!


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