How To Manage Stress According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on April 02 2020

There’s a lot of uncertainty in our lives right now around many areas that used to have at least some degree of stability: health, work, money, relationships. It would be crazy not to get stressed in these circumstances. What we used to know about the world is getting torn down and rebuilt from scratch, and somehow we have to find balance in the middle of it all.

Taking care of our daily needs, having a routine that gives us predictability in the face of external uncertainty, allowing ourselves to feel all our feelings and being kind to ourselves are things that apply no matter what sign you are. On top of that, we’ve also brainstormed some ways to deal with stress that suit your particular type of energy. Take care, stay strong and stay safe!

Aries: Shake It Out

Aries, more than any other sign, you need to actively release tension when you feel stressed, so wear

yourself out by doing pilates, yoga, strength training- whatever helps you take the edge off and leads you to a state of pleasant fatigue. Other things that could work for you: shake your body, tear up some paper, do EFT tapping or dance like crazy to your favorite guilty pleasure songs. After you’ve allowed yourself to be spontaneous and a bit mad, your body calms down and it’s easier for you to relax your mind as well. You can write a list of challenges that you’ve overcome in the past or think of someone who inspires you and the way they’re handling stress right now.

Taurus: Be Present

Taurus, your senses and your body are your best allies when it comes to stress management. Kick a pillow, shake your body, find a physical way to express your emotions.

Then pay attention to the sounds that you’re hearing, to the air making contact with your skin, to the taste of your food. When you focus on what you have and on what you’re grateful for, the world becomes less scary. Besides that, you can engage in some of your favorite self-care activities: take a warm bath, watch an awesome TV show, order takeout or find some good artsy blogs. Remember that having a routine helps you during times of stress.

Gemini: Master Your Mind

Gemini, when you’re stressed you can worry and overthink even more than you normally do, so it can help to talk things out with a friend or to journal it out until your mind has cleared. If you’re feeling up to it, try some breathing exercises (perhaps 5-5-5 breathing, fire breath or alternate nostril breathing) or a few minutes of mindfulness practice. Another idea is to engage your hands: knit, craft, paint, bake, a garden if you have indoor plants.

Put your mind at ease by looking for accurate information about the pandemic and its (physical, emotional, social) effects, but limit your news intake and try to invest more time in other activities that make you happy.

Cancer: Build Safety

Cancer, during stressful times the most important thing for you is to find comfort and predictability in your life. Have a good cry, allow yourself to do nothing for a while, reread your favorite childhood book and cook warm, soft foods that make you feel like everything is alright with the world.

Make a blanket fort, find ways to turn your bedroom into the coziest place possible, perhaps set up some magical Christmas lights (even if it’s spring) and enjoy the homey feeling by yourself or with loved ones. If you’re alone, don’t let it get to you- chat with your (soul) family online, find old photos or memory boxes and remember that you are loved. 

Leo: Express Yourself

Leo, if you’re feeling stressed, you might need to let it out through drama or creativity: vent on social media, record a vlog, dance, paint, find a way to give a concrete form to your feelings.

You can make a nice post on your Instagram profile, create a playlist that reminds you of happier times, write a list of things that make your life beautiful or organize an online meet-up with friends.

It’s important for you to stay active; you can take online yoga classes and soak in the sunlight, even if it’s only from your apartment window. Take care of others and let them take care of you, remembering to honor your feelings in the middle of the storm.

Virgo: Be Mindful

Virgo, when you’re feeling stressed, you tend to worry or to work too much. Use this to your advantage by focusing on what you’re doing, taking things step by step and immersing yourself in your work.

Declutter your mind by tidying up your environment, but say no to extra chores or responsibilities and do something for yourself instead: read your favorite book, make a cup of herbal tea, go for a walk around the block. It’s alright to soften the expectations that you have from yourself and from others during stressful times. Do nothing for half an hour, ask for help if you need it and bring your mind and body back to balance through yoga, mindfulness, holistic nutrition.

Libra: Build Connections

Libra, you are constantly looking for balance in your life, so during stressful times, you require extra love and care. Reach out for loved ones, talk to them face to face or online, share insights and emotions and, if you feel like you need it, find a good therapist. Talk therapy can work well for you, especially since you usually get to know yourself better by being mirrored by others.

Don’t forget about calming down by enjoying your senses as well: find or create gorgeous art, smell your favorite perfume, wrap yourself in the softest blanket you can find or enjoy some ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) online videos. Find the resources you need both within yourself and in the community.

Scorpio: Go Deep

Scorpio, you aren’t a stranger to stress, so when the outside world becomes crazy, you can be one of those people who can manage their feelings the best. Focus on the things you can control: your daily routine, your reactions, your attention, and let go of what doesn’t depend on you.

You can work on your morning and evening rituals to calm down and to connect or you can book a therapy session to get to the root of your fears. Shadow work, journaling about your deepest emotions, sharing your feelings with someone you trust can help you embrace the process. 

Sagittarius: Move, Laugh, Focus

Sagittarius, when you’re stressed, you can become distracted, getting too lost inside your mind. Start with aerobics, pilates, dancing, yoga- anything that gets you moving and connects you to your body.

Blow off some steam by watching funny shows or videos, read inspirational quotes or plan your next great adventure, imagining all the details and feeling as if you’re already there. Besides your trademark dream-weaver abilities, it also helps to establish a routine during stressful times, making sure that it’s varied enough to be motivating for you. 

Capricorn: Stay Organized

Capricorn, during stressful times it’s important for you to keep a routine that helps you stay grounded. If you feel overwhelmed, plan things out step by step and appreciate yourself for everything you’ve crossed off your list.

At the same time, you tend to increase the pressure you’re putting on yourself when you’re stressed, so it’s a good idea to soften your expectations and to take time for rest, regeneration, connection.

Take things methodically: you only have to deal with the following five minutes, then with the next five minutes and so on. Spend time with loved ones, share your hopes and your fears, find sources of comfort. If you’re a morning bird, wake up early and watch the sunrise; build routines that help your sense of mastery and control.

Aquarius: Stay Connected

Aquarius, you have the ability to detach yourself when things get too intense, so during stressful times use this skill and calm yourself down through meditation, breathing techniques or reading spiritual articles or books. You might find it useful to either take a break from technology/social media… or engage with it more, keeping in touch with loved ones during the isolation.

Organize an online group meeting, take a Skype yoga class, keep feeding your mind and your soul with good info and conversation, while also remembering to ground yourself in your body, taking care of your daily needs and maintaining helpful habits. Ask yourself how you’re feeling, draw a wheel of emotions for each week; stay connected to the world, but also to yourself.

Pisces: Allow

Pisces, when you’re feeling stressed, the world can be a very confusing place, so make sure you take time to rest and regenerate, creating space for all your feelings while setting boundaries around what you will and won’t do. Perhaps you need to go to sleep early or to spend an entire day watching your favourite TV show.

Allow yourself time to cry, to breathe, to pray, to simply be. If things get overwhelming, pour your feelings out through art, listen to something that calms you down (Tibetan bowls, perhaps, or nature sounds) and write a letter to the Universe, allowing yourself to feel that you are not alone, that you are connected and supported. 

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