How to make the Law of Attraction more effective?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 24 2019

The most common question while manifesting is – how to make the law of attraction more effective? Well, it all depends on you, because you are the creator, you send out the instructions in the form of vibes, and the Law of Attraction obeys. So, the key to manifesting is mastering yourself. However, that is easier said than done. Don’t worry though because we got you covered. Here are a few ways to enhance your manifestation power:

Reset and Cleanse

When you are trying to manifest a better reality for yourself, it is very important to start on a clean slate. Sometimes, itchy vibes can be sticking around you, or at your home. They lower the frequencies that you send out to the universe, so if you want to make the Law of Attraction more effective, then the low-frequency vibes have to go.

We like to use sage to cleanse ourselves and the space in which we perform any kind of ritual, however, you can also cleanse yourself through various meditation techniques. One of the most common ones is visualizing a silver shower pouring on you, and bringing down all the negative vibes from you.

Make an Altar

By creating an Altar for manifesting, you will enhance the power of your intentions during your rituals. Many of the tools used in a meditation altar also send out their own frequencies, even when you don’t perform a ritual. By properly programming your tools with your intentions, you will constantly send out your intentions to the universe.

Besides that, an altar also serves as a great reminder, a sort of an obligation, which will keep you on the right path and focusing on your manifestation techniques every day. Remember, persistence is key when you are trying to manifest anything, and giving up easily is the n1 problem when trying to manifest a better life for yourself. Click here to learn how to make a meditation altar easily.

Set intentions on a New Moon

The Moon holds great power over us. After all, you are 70% water – it’s simply impossible for the moon cycles not to affect you. The good thing about this is that by realizing the power the moon holds over you, you can use that power to enhance your intentions, thus making your manifestations more effective.

The easiest way to use the moon to your side is to set your intentions during a New Moon. A New Moon symbolizes the start of a new chapter, a new cycle, and it is perfect to set the right intentions. You can perform intention setting rituals, or you can simply write your intentions during a new moon and put them in a glass pyramid to enhance your manifestation power.

Make a Can-Do Playlist

Music speaks to the soul. There are some songs that instantly make your hair go up because they are so amazing, some songs make you happy, some make you sad. Because music has a great influence on you, you can use it to enhance your manifestation power.

Compile a list of your favorite songs that make you feel like you can achieve anything. You don’t have to make it super long, a few songs can make a huge difference. We recommend you play your songs whenever you have the time, but if you are really busy, make it a habit to play your songs first thing in the morning.

Use Aromatherapy

Have you ever remembered the scent of sweet apple pie, and immediately remembered the taste in your mouth? It’s amazing how realistic that taste can be, even producing more saliva than usual, when in fact your mouth is empty. Scents are very powerful, and they can change our emotions easily.

And by using scents to change your emotions, you can be more effective in trying to make the Law of Attraction work in your gain. Our favorite scent for manifesting is the A Little Luck Essential Oil. Its divine scent puts you in a giddy, joyful state where you feel like you can achieve anything.

Make an Evidence Board

Losing faith after a few days of trying to manifest an entirely different life is one of the most common occurrences. Unfortunately, a lot of you think that manifestation happens instantly when in reality it takes time for change to take hold in your life. It also takes time to change yourself.

However, the Law of Attraction is constantly working, and even though you haven’t gotten the final form of your results, there are many things that changed for the better in your life, once you started manifesting, right?

Don’t forget the little things, because they can give you the strength to continue your journey. Instead, create an evidence board. Write down all the things that you manifested, all the change that you created, all the proof you received that convinced you that the Law of Attraction is working.

We hope you found these tips helpful!

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