How Can New Yorkers Find Their Dream Home Based on Their Moon Sign?

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Posted on June 04 2020

Have you wondered where your dream home in New York is? You Moon Sign is actually a great way to determine where the best place for you to live is! Here is your dream home in New York based on your Moon Sign:

Aries Moon

The lively avenues of Dyckman Street and Inwood, bordering the Bronx just off the 1 Train, can handle an Aries moon at their highest highs and lowest lows.

At their best they paint the town red with their energizing vibes; they can brighten the mood of any place if they have a good head on their shoulders. On the flip side, at their worst an Aries moon can suck the energy out of any room; if they aren't happy then no one else is.

Dyckman’s casual nightlife can offer exciting and stimulating conversation over hookah and familiar faces lingering by the door after a late night out at the bar. When they need it, they can find a chatty dive to get their jitters out when they occasionally get in their feelings.

They feel most at home amongst comrades; people who can handle their outbursts and still treat them with the tenderness they need when they’re done exploding. They should be free to play and do as they please. Neighborhoods with a curfew or quiet hours aren’t necessary.

Taurus Moon

A Taurus moon needs to feel valued. They should move to a small neighborhood where everybody knows their name. Life simplified is Astoria, Queens; a place to serve their need for predictability and stability. It might not be flashy or attention-grabbing, but that's not how a Taurus moon role anyway.

They could benefit from participating in a community garden with a tight-knit group of people. Something they can nourish and come back to overtime that in turn feeds them emotionally and provides them with tangible evidence of growth in the fruits and vegetables that they harvest. Above all, they thrive when they can predict their surroundings.

Astoria is where the old and the up and coming meet, providing them with the safety of being low-key while subtly nudging them to get out and try new things. Perhaps they might benefit from being near an elderly population that can depend on them. They should also live near their place of work so they can feel safely tethered to home, maybe to stop in for afternoon lunch on a hectic workday.

Gemini Moon

A Gemini moon needs constant intellectual stimulation to feel emotionally fulfilled; to have the ability to return to something with fresh eyes and spot something new every time. They analyze in great detail and appreciate things that make them do a double-take. Home for a new yorker with a Gemini moon might be Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Settling down or settling for less isn’t really their thing which is why Bushwick’s evolving, the ever-changing neighborhood might be great for them because they are the trendsetters rather than the followers. Bushwick can offer them plenty of food for thought. Because they rely on the feedback of others emotionally they definitely don’t want to be around a bunch of hermits.

The many walks of life that exist within the Bushwick area are a Gemini moon’s playground; they won't ever have to worry about staleness or monotony. They thrive in communities that talk. Possibly one with a lot of tag sales, flea markets, and other community events. Fusion eateries like cajun-Indian cuisines or Korean- Mexican joints might tickle their fancy, and they never met a karaoke bar they didn’t like.

Cancer Moon

When we talk about the moon, we’re really talking about tending to the Cancerian within all of us. People with Cancer moons will feel most comfortable near childhood friends or family.

They need a cozy home to return to at the end of the day because they are empathetic beings and interacting with new yorkers on a daily basis can be mentally and emotionally exhausting.

They might benefit from owning a townhome. Not a penthouse or a studio or a matchbox apartment. They need a kitchen to decorate, a mudroom for the kid’s jackets on a rainy day, and a real wood-burning fireplace to stoke.

They’ll gladly commute to their jobs in the city if need be to provide for their families, but they need somewhere solid and comfy to return to at the end of the day. By name Red Hook isn’t associated with the tender nature of a Cancer moon, yet it has evolved into a sweet little village with dainty vintage shops and restaurants like Fort Defiance and corner front wine shops like Dry Doc.

The neighborhood is mostly quiet at night; instead of heavy traffic the streets are littered with new parents pushing double-wide strollers. This is the place to start a family in Brooklyn. This is home for a Cancer moon. You could say it has been gentrified, but the integrity of Red Hook still feels the same. Cancer’s glowing moon reflects on the water of the bay at night, adding to its romanticism.

Leo Moon

Leo Moons need to be seen. By everyone. They don't like being subjected to pessimism or for their parade to be rained on.

The Seaport area and Fulton Street near FDR drive might be the place for these highly sociable extroverts. The Seaport is picture-perfect but accessible to all types of people; it is flashy but charming at the same time.

A Leo moon might be the life of the party, so trendy, college neighborhoods filled with younger crowds might be the perfect place for them. Fulton is filled with tiny restaurants that double as neighborhood watering holes at night. A place to strip yourself of the workday and let your hair down amongst friends, recharging you for the next day.

Virgo Moon

Virgo Moons should be in a neighborhood with fresh air and near nature which is a task when living in a metropolis. They might be prone to anxiety or getting flustered if things get out of their control.

They can handle the bustling city, but every once in a while they might need a quiet space to re-center, but even in the city never sleeps you can find an oasis; possibly a hike in Central Park north or a bike ride along the trails of Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.

An apartment all their own with views of Madison Avenue might suit them as they can observe the hectic world below from their own space while remaining detached from all the action. They need to be near nature not just because of their earthy reserve, but they need the space to just be with their own thoughts and simplify their days as much as possible.

They need to avoid burnout from too much emotional labor for others, as they always aim to please and serve. The brush of Central Park North might be a great place to meditate without interruption. A long walk across the length of the park and a moment by the reservoir to appreciate the natural world that exists outside of the city would serve them well.

Libra Moon

It might seem clichè, but a Libra moon really does see the beauty in everything. Beauty feeds their souls and ugliness can leave a lasting, bitter taste in their mouth that takes them a little bit longer to shake off than most people.

They give away roses and it can really be a shock to their system when they don’t get roses in return. They are easily bogged down by negativity or darkness. It is important for their optimism to be encouraged because it feeds their belief that people are inherently good, and we could always use some of that in this world.

Tribeca might be the romantic, well-polished neighborhood these individuals are looking for. It is low-key yet exclusive; the name speaks for itself and they love being the center of attention even amongst the visibility of celebrity. Tribeca is boutiquey and sophisticated and they’ll feel right at home here. They should have a loving community to call home, somewhere where the trees change color with the seasons and where the snow doesn't turn to black sludge from too much heavy traffic.

Scorpio Moon

Scorpio moons can, at times, be affected by unwarranted paranoia. Something in their brain is constantly refuting the possibility of inherent kindness, the opposite of a Libra moon.

They have a hard time trusting human kindness for the sake of kindness and they might feel like they owe someone something when they are nice to them.

They need a home that makes them feel protected and that will remind them that they are safe. Most importantly they need to be near people they trust. If possible, they should move in with friends or familiar faces and they would most benefit from having a roommate to pull them out of seclusion and bouts of isolation which they periodically fall into.

They should have the option of solace if they need it. A sizable studio with one common area and many different rooms to escape into. They feel most safe when they can trust others. Scorpio moons value authenticity, nothing pretentious, 100% real. Greenpoint, Brooklyn is a great place to get good real food, meet good friends, and to avoid the herds of tourists roaming around the city.

Greenpoint’s laid back atmosphere and lively art scene coexists with the already existing blue-collar community that has been there for years. Trustworthy, laid back, and low-key are very sexy qualities to the Scorpio moon.

Sagittarius Moon

The most inhibiting thing for a Sagittarius moon is the feeling of entrapment that comes with too many commitments and responsibilities. The best environment for them is one of variety; one that feels new every time they return to it.

Their full potential isn’t fueled by stagnation or repetition, this can actually stifle them, but they should focus on seeing things through until the end once they start them.

A community like the East Village puts them in the middle of all the action. It can be a place where tourists go to see more of the city past the bubble of 42nd street and this could be great for a Sagittarius moon to host out of town friends and explore with city natives. Above all they appreciate the knowledge, whether they’re the ones teaching or they're the ones learning.

A place like the East Village is constantly changing and Sagittarius moons feel most safe when they are introduced to something new. They can take a staycation at one of the many Airbnbs in the area if they get sick of looking at the same four walls. They could benefit from a neighborhood that holds a lot of block parties and festivities like New York City’s annual Gay Pride Parade.

Capricorn Moon

The secret romantics of the zodiac. A Capricorn moon has a perfect picture vision in their mind of how things should be and they won't bother if the fantasy doesn’t become a reality. A Capricorn moon appreciates an esteemed community with a rich history. Old homes and architecture are what turns them on.

They don't like pranks or being the butt of a joke and they really don't like surprises, so trendy neighborhoods would be less preferable than already established ones. They should move to a neighborhood with the best restaurants, the best schools for their kids, the best shops.

They’re sophisticated and strive for the best of the best, the tried and true. If they’re a new yorker, they believe it is the greatest city in the world. This is why they would feel most at home in neighborhoods like Harlem, Sugar Hill, or Hamilton Heights. Apart from the black historical roots represented in places like the Apollo Theater and Sylvia’s restaurant, the community here is one of integrity and establishment.

You can see it’s history just by walking down 125th or taking a stroll through the gates of the City College. The old brownstones now worth millions to historical mansions to the homes on Striver’s Row, these landmarks of the soulful and sophisticated history of Harlem really speak to a Capricorn moon on a deep level.

Aquarius Moon

Aquarius moons can be emotionally attached to their own beliefs and be strong in their convictions. This can cause them to detach from the rightful opinions of others and to potentially dogmatize their personal biases onto people if they are not intellectually challenged.

They should move to a neighborhood that offers them the chance to experience cultural or religious alternatives from their own because they do have the capacity to be intellectually open-minded if persuaded.

Their ability to lift the veil of reality and see humanity for what it really is is truly a gift, and they should use it to help the world rather than further their own beliefs. They can potentially play a central role in societal structures, so they should have a voice in the political atmosphere right outside their door. The Financial District (FiDi) is one that encompasses all of the world's superpowers into one area. Wall street. The World Trade Center.

Major corporations exist here, this is where deals are made that impact the whole world, where important contracts are signed, where the economy rises and falls; this is where the real stuff happens. This is where shit hits the fan. And they should have a voice in all of this to feel emotionally productive. They have to feel a part of society at large to be happy; whether they’re protesting in the streets or in the offices themselves making waves.

These are the political battlegrounds an Aquarius moon needs to keep an eye on to see all that is happening in the capital of the world and form their own opinions. They are the change-makers and humanitarians of the zodiac. The information flows out of their pores and into their everyday lives. This type of lifestyle will be most fulfilling to them.

Pisces Moon

The source of a Pisces moon’s feelings can be often misunderstood or flat out ignored by others entirely. In order to feel safe enough to come out of their shells, a Pisces moon needs to feel heard and empathized with since they might have trouble communicating how truly deep their emotions run. They should live close to the water in a place like Long Island City with its soft-spoken art scene and fantastical views of Manhattan.

It is distant enough to leave some room to be spacey without being pushed around. From their own rose-colored, abstract perspectives they can admire the beauty of the New York City skyline from across the water.

A good distance from the fast-paced madness of Manhattan could do them some good. Too much interaction from too many types of people can throw them off as they tend to soak up other people’s problems due to their lack of emotional boundaries.

Long Island City’s art scene is far removed enough where they won’t be influenced by too many people talking in their ear at once and where they can truly be original. They need solitude and to be in a community that will actually listen to them to truly feel safe.

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