Word Of The Week - Gratitude Journal

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 22 2020

The best thing that gratefulness makes is that it makes you aware of what you already have in life to be grateful for. However simple it might seem, it’s true that we often overlook what we already have, because we always want something more which in turn triggers envy. That’s why simply becoming aware of how amazing your life already is through gratefulness has such a positive impact on your overall psychological well-being.

A great way to become more grateful is to start off your very own gratitude journal. If you are not a very expressive person, then simply start off easily – each day write one thing that you are grateful for in your life. It can be anything at all! Then once a week, sit down and read back to all the things you wrote in your gratefulness journal so that you can remind yourself that you have way more to be grateful for than you imagined!

We bet you are wondering how exactly a gratefulness journal can help you develop gratefulness in the long term. It works in two very crucial ways – for one by writing in your journal daily you are turning gratefulness into a habit, and the other is that your gratefulness journal becomes a manifest from your gratefulness journey. It’s hard to keep track of your thoughts at all times, and it’s even harder to remember all the things you are grateful for when going gets tough. It’s easy to slip up into your old patterns, but this physical manifestation of your logical, realistic thoughts and emotions of gratefulness will be your grounding point every time you begin to slip in your old habits that only bring low-frequency vibes.



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