Full Moon In Pisces

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on September 01 2022

Dear Magic Makers, September’s Moons take place in intuitive Pisces and artsy Libra, the two most creative signs of the zodiac. With Mercury retrograde, it’s time to give your right brain a break and dive into the waters of spirit, inspiration, and connection.

Both Moons are expansive and bring opportunities to understand and transcend patterns that have been on repeat in our lives. Let’s dig deeper…

Full Moon in Pisces:
September 10

Full Moon In Pisces

September’s Pisces Full Moon reconnects us with our emotions, our imagination, and our faith, revealing what has changed in our inner world since this spring’s Pisces New Moon. What seeds have you planted on March 2? How have they grown and bloomed until now? This is a time to look at the world with the eyes of compassion, celebrate our spiritual progress, and nurture acceptance for the things we can’t change.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces always reveals hidden depths: its mystical energy reflects and mirrors all the other eleven signs and illuminates our soul’s path through multiple existences. On September 10, we might find it easier to connect with our past lives or reflect on our current history, holding space for what is still painful or unresolved within us. 

This is a time to soften our defenses and allow our emotions to flow, noticing where we tend to dissociate or numb our feelings (perhaps through alcohol, food, overworking, or people-pleasing) and making the decision to open up even 1% more, connecting with our true needs and emotions, even if they’re not always comfortable. 

In conjunction with ethereal Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, the Full Moon can highlight ways we’ve been unconsciously tricking ourselves into avoiding a difficult emotion or situation. Because Full Moons reveal what was previously hidden, the veil is now lifted and we’ve got the chance to see something or someone with an extra dose of realism.

Isak Dinesen said that “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea”. This is particularly true during this Full Moon, when Neptune, the god of waters and seas, can help us shed healing tears or connect with our spiritual side through water rituals. Can you think of any other activity that involves water and emotional release? As Pisces rules the arts, painting might be a great idea at this time. We all experience the Full Moon in different ways, but the energy that unites us is that of creativity and flow, an ideal container for our dreamy, inspired side.

Because Mercury, the planet that rules logic and reason, is freshly retrograde and opposing Jupiter, the planet that can make us prone to drawing untimely conclusions, this Full Moon is definitely not a moment to make major decisions or start a new project. Our heads might easily get lost in the clouds and we might miss out on details without realizing it. The Full Moon is better suited for spiritual & artistic pursuits and for spending time with loved ones, in relaxation, connection, and peace. 

The energy that grounds us belongs to the Virgo Sun: in opposition with the dreamy Pisces Moon, he brings our feet back on the ground and prompts us to find a balance between reality and fantasy, work and pleasure, doing and being. If you’re usually focused on the material world and you tend to keep yourself busy, the Full Moon can reveal your deeper needs and emotions, supporting you to take a break for reflection and connection. In contrast, if you lack structure in your life, this is a great moment to spend more time in nature, take better care of your body, and release habits that no longer serve you. 

With the activation of Virgo and Pisces, the signs of health and service, the Full Moon can illuminate what is no longer working in these areas of our lives. Are there any habits or addictions that you want to let go of? What have you been overlooking and what deeper layers of your soul are asking for your awareness and compassion? How have you been helping others and dedicating yourself to what you believe in… while also staying mindful of your needs and boundaries?

This Full Moon is about healing our bodies and our souls, a process that asks us to open up to a different dimension of reality. Those of us who are on a spiritual path can benefit from heightened intuition, vivid dreams, and moments of insight at this time: the work we’ve done until now to heal and evolve can pay off! 

Key players on the Full Moon sky:

- Uranus in Taurus. The Sun and Moon’s easy aspects with Uranus, the god of change, help us alchemize tension into positive transformation. Supportive shifts in our environment, powerful insights during dreams or meditation, and a willingness to break free from past conditioning can help us embody a better version of ourselves.

- The Lunar Nodes. The Full Moon activates the South Node of karma and the North Node of destiny: what is being illuminated, processed, and released at this time is part of our long-term process of growth and evolution. Events around this Full Moon can feel fated. We can easily receive divine support and guidance.

- Mars in Gemini. The Sun and the Moon form tense aspects with fiery Mars, revealing possible tension or conflicts. Because most of us will be more emotional during the Full Moon, it’s ideal to notice our reactions before saying something we might regret later on. Our nervous systems might also be more reactive than usual and overthinking might prevent us from getting in touch with our emotions. Breathing exercises or somatic practices might be particularly useful at this time. We could also benefit from going on a walk, getting some fresh air, or even taking a short trip to relieve the tension. 

- Juno in Pisces. The Full Moon forms a close conjunction with Juno, the asteroid of marriage and commitment. Whether we’re tying the knot with our partner, realizing the truth about how we feel about someone, or processing relationship wounds from the past, this can be a transformative time for our connections. Pisces highlights themes around unconditional love, forgiveness, and sacrifice, supporting us to nurture devotion for loved ones, but also to avoid romanticizing a less than ideal situation.

Those of us with strong Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces energy (especially with planets around the 17th degree of these signs) can feel the influence of the Full Moon the most, but all of us can process deep emotions, release the past, and celebrate our intuition & inspiration in the life area ruled by Pisces in the birth chart. 

Full Moon Journal Prompts:

  • What makes me feel deeply connected and alive & how can I celebrate my emotional, messy, imperfect self at this time?
  • In my daily life, how can I find a balance between doing (tasks, responsibilities) and being (relaxation, creativity, connection)? 
  • What does healing look like for me? Are there any habits or stories that I’m ready to let go of as I embrace the truth about myself, my soul, and my purpose?



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