Astro Alert: Full Moon in Pisces

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on September 01 2020

Pisces Full Moons can be tear-jerkers and dream-weavers that dissolve barriers between the conscious and the subconscious. They can be times of emotional release through art, tears, spirituality, or intimacy- the things that usually bring us together and show us who we are beyond the daily humdrum. What has been going on in your soul for the past six months?

This Full Moon is a time when insights come through dreams, whether they’re during sleep or while spacing out in the supermarket line. These insights could be linked to what spiritual practice, artistic expression, or compassionate behavior has been working for you during the past months… and what hasn’t, signaling the need for letting go or for setting clear boundaries for your energy

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac: it encompasses all of the previous ones. With Pisces energy, we’re everything and nothing at the same time. This type of energy is great for inspiration, creation, and relaxation, three key ingredients to bring into our lives on this Full Moon. It’s a time when a solution to an old problem can bring healing unexpectedly or when we realize that time off for regeneration is as productive as working our asses off.

The Virgo Sun opposes the Moon, asking us to balance productivity and rest, pragmatism and escapism in our lives, finding that (utopian-sounding) middle point of mindful work or productive idleness. Since Virgo and Pisces form the axis of sacrifice in the zodiac, we could be confronted with the results of too much or too little work, realizing what we’ve been sacrificing for the sake of others or for an ideal that was unrealistic or too unclear.

It’s normal to be a little confused about our feelings at this time since Pisces is much better at feeling than at making sense of all the emotional currents surrounding them- especially since many of them might not even be their own. If you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, ask yourself if you’re absorbing some emotions from the people around you.

On a lighter note, this can be a time when healing work (for the self or for others) can show results and old habits that have been sticking around out of inertia (perhaps an addiction or a recurring, unproductive fantasy) can be released with more ease. 

Revolutionary Uranus in Taurus forming exact, harmonious aspects with this Full Moon shows that this is a time for a spiritual and emotional change. The process of fulfillment and release is likely to be emotionally intense and perhaps even abrupt, whether it’s about letting an unhealthy habit go, saying “no” to what depletes your energy, or connecting more to your higher self.

This Full Moon is a time when it’s best to choose change consciously, in accord with the symbol of the 11th degree of Pisces: “men traveling a narrow path, seeking illumination”. What do you want to do differently in your daily life, linked to your physical and spiritual health? Notice shifts that are meant to support you on this path, especially if you have important planets or points around the 11th degree of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces.

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