Magical January 2020 Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 09 2020

The first Full Moon of the year is an eclipse that highlights the charged axis of Cancer and Capricorn, two signs that we’ve been hearing a lot about in this past couple of years. This eclipse can be a constructive tension between our conscious desire for efficiency and achievement (Sun and Capricorn) and our deeper needs for nurturance, rest and regeneration (Cancer).

Our inner industrious father and our inner child or mother are now learning to dance with each other once again. If you have planets around the 20th degree of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you’ll be feeling the effects of this Eclipse stronger than the rest of us.

The focus is on the Cancer Moon, so we should stay mindful of what new information, results or peak moments appear in our lives when it comes to our home, our family life, our tradition and heritage, our need for security and belonging, our intuition and feminine side. What, linked to these things, has started around the 2nd of July 2019, on the Solar Cancer Eclipse?

How has that come to fruition now? Since the Lunar Eclipse happens close to the North Node- dharma, our purpose, what we need to focus on right now- it’s a sign that whatever significant events happen at this time are meant to bring us closer to our higher self, further on our path. We’re learning, both individually and on a collective level, to be softer, more tender, more receptive instead of always pushing forward with our (and society’s) agenda.

This Eclipse comes with a powerful stellium in Capricorn: the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto all come with a focus on work, time management, organization and maturity. This is probably what our daily life is reflecting right now: efforts to reach our goals and to earn a living through effort, staying powerful and the ability to delay our gratification.

At the same time, we could be feeling pressure (Saturn) or we could be going through crises (Pluto) that push us to discover our strength and to rewire the way we assume responsibility for ourselves and for our mission in the world.  It’s a highly transformative, possibly difficult time, especially as Saturn meets Pluto in a rare conjunction on the 12th. Walls (limitations, abusive rules, judgment) are there to be seen, brought down and rebuilt from scratch, while the Cancer Moon reminds us to do it all with as much tenderness and acceptance as possible. 

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