Freak Flags Fly High - Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius (8/18)

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on August 18 2016

Have you been feeling a little off this week?  A little high strung or overwhelmed?  Or maybe, it's more of an 'off' feeling?  Me too!  Fortunately, Astrology gives us a little explanation!  We have officially entered eclipse season!  Today's Full Moon (Lunar) Eclipse (8/18 at 5:26am est) is the first of a rare trio of eclipses coming our way over the next 6 weeks.  We will also have a New Moon (Solar) Eclipse on September 1st and another Full Moon (Lunar) Eclipse on September 16th.  

So how does this relate to how you've been feeling lately?  Well, eclipses are notorious for shaking up our lives a bit.  These beautiful alignments only happen two times a year, normally in pairs (Solar & Lunar).  They are like super charged full and new moons.  It's as if a shot of energy comes beaming down to the earth to nudge us along down our path of reaching our highest potential.  The energy takes a little bit of time to build up, and most people can generally feel the build, even if they don't fully understand what it is.  It kind of feels like a slight knowing or suspicion that change is coming.  Depending on how tuned in to this energy you are, you might find yourself feeling a little restless or testy as you anticipate what's to come.  

I'm guessing you are now wondering what's coming with today's eclipse.  Since this is a full moon eclipse, you can expect that within the next week or so (the energy of the eclipse lasts about a week or so, it might take a bit of time to express itself) something will culminate, conclude, end or reveal itself in your life.  Full Moon energy tend to bring solutions, conclusions or information to the forefront.  New Moon energy is all about starting something new.  With a Full Moon in Aquarius (25 Degrees) we can expect to see ourselves and others fly their freak flags high.  Aquarius energy is all about challenging the status quo, being unique/different and thinking outside of the box.  Utilize this energy by tapping into the unconventional and embracing your quirks.  

Remember that Eclipses show us what will be major focuses for us over the next 6 months, so be sure to pay close attention to all that happens for the next week.  Now go fly that freak flag!



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