Fitness Tips - Set, Measure and Achieve

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on October 26 2016

Set: What's your goal when it comes to wellness?  Do you want to lose weight? To tone up?  To fit into your bridesmaid dress?  This is the most important step of beginning your new healthy living regime!  If you don't know where you're going, how will you get there?  Take some time to write down your goal and a deadline to achieve it.  

Once you have identified your goal, then you will need to create a plan.  How many times a week will you exercise? What type of exercises will you participate in?  How will you change your eating habits?  How do you plan to stay committed to your goals?  Will you need an accountability buddy?  Once your goal, timeline and plan are locked and loaded you are ready to get started!   Now it's time to measure!

Measure:  Oh no!  More questions!!  Don't worry, these are more fun, as they will be pertaining to how you will measure the fantastic progress you've been making! Using the goal you created previously, we will need to set a way to see your progress.  Of course weighing yourself and taking measurements 



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