Astro Alert! Jupiter Enters Libra

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on October 26 2016

We have the best news ever!  Okay, not ever but it is so exciting! Jupiter will enter the sign of Libra for the first time in 12 years!  This giant governing luck, fortune, expansion and growth will finish up it's one year tour of Virgo.  While Jupiter was in Virgo, he was dedicated to all things health, wellness, self improvement, work (coworkers, working environment, etc), and pets.  

You might have enjoyed his enhancement, expansion and ability to help you win when it came to details, especially all the Virgos!  When Jupiter travels through your sign (the sign the sun was at the time of your birth) you are especially gifted for that one year time period.  You basically shine brighter than a diamond and are a magnet for opportunities.  Of course it's up to you to pounce on those opportunities for the energy to be fully utilized but I will pretend you did.  Either way, it's sad to say, my Virgo friends, Jupiter is wishing you farewell.  Good thing he's fond of leaving a goodbye present!  Look forward to a final adios gift around September 9th.  Don't worry he'll be back in another 12 years.  :)

For the Libras out there, you are in for a magical treat!  Get ready to have a year of wonderfulness.  It's your time to shine!  Remember, you have to get out there and be open to the energy of Jupiter!  If you see an opportunity, have no fear and grab it!  

When Jupiter tours Libra, he's involved in all things beauty, fashion, love, money, and socializing.  His gift of expanding and sprinkling fairy dust around you can feel magical.  The only thing to be weary of with the Master of Expansion, is expanding our waistline through overindulging in socializing!  So watch out for that!  All signs will feel a bit of that with Libra feeling it the strongest.  

If you're not a Libra or a Virgo, don't worry you still get to experience the magic of Jupiter shifting signs!  



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