Enjoy the Moment, For it Carries Treasure You Don't Yet Understand

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on December 26 2017

My entire life has prepared me for this moment.  All events, decisions, conversations until this point have led me to this exact time and geological place.  I feel very fortunate to have recognized this while in this moment though.  Often, it isn't until after the extraordinary events in life have passed that we are able to identify the moment at its birth, as it's so much easier to see in retrospect.  

After you get married you can look back at the first time you laid eyes on your spouse as the moment this path opened for you.  On your first day of work at your new job, you can look back at the interview as the defining point in time that your career took a new direction.  When the doctor shares the projected due date of the new baby, then you can backtrack to the moment of conception.  Even in the sad moments in life, this trend is still apparent.  How many stories can you recall where you didn't realize those would be another's last words.  

Recognizing that each moment, no matter how uninteresting, uninspiring or uneventful it appears is incredibly important to your life.  Each moment before led you exactly to that particular time and place.  Knowing that, acknowledging that, is life changing.  It will bring you to a place of gratitude and appreciation for not only how far you've come but also for the potential of birthing a new path, one you will look back on in the future.  Wouldn't you want to look back knowing you soaked up every millisecond of it, enjoyed all of the sights, sounds, touches?

How are you staying at the moment today?



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