Word Of The Week – Eclipse

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on June 30 2020

When the Earth is exactly between the Sun and the Moon, Luna is dwelling in our planet’s shadow. This is the Lunar Eclipse that happens when the Sun opposes the Moon (Full Moon) within 19 degrees of either the North Node or the South Node. The issues precipitated by the Lunar Eclipse are more internal than external.

Emotions intensify more than on the usual Full Moon and our shadow selves rise to the surface, less inhibited than ever by the grip of our egos. There can be shifts in the way we see emotions and in our manner of relating to others as one more cycle comes to an end and the unconscious drives that have been fuelling our actions are brought to light.

A North Node Lunar Eclipse can give us a push forward when it comes to our internal world, opening a new perspective, a new range of feelings while we assess the end of a cycle in our lives. A South Node Lunar Eclipse is a perfect time for closure as past issues round-up and we’re supported to let go of things that no longer serve us.

Just like a super Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse is a time when we’re confronted with the results of our past and pushed a step further towards change.

Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, July 5

The last Capricorn Eclipse of the season faces us with results, peak moments, and reconsiderations in our career and public image, prompting us once more to balance our nurturing and emotional side with a need to keep to ourselves and to diligently follow our goals.

In proximity to the South Node- karma, patterns from the past- this Eclipse is a final step in the process of shedding the Capricorn shadow: a desire to control every aspect of our lives, a desire to obtain status with any price, fear of failure or ruthlessness. Instead, we must balance our natural need for mastery, status, and respect with openness towards our needs, setting healthy boundaries where they are due and following our inner knowing.

Uranus sends a friendly trine to this Eclipse, supporting us with a little change in the structures and the habits that no longer work for us. At the same time, a square with fiery Mars in Aries can heat up the atmosphere, bringing up unresolved anger and tension, especially linked to family, work, authority figures.

Many retrograde planets in the sky, together with Saturn in the last degree of Capricorn, confirm the fact that there is a lot to reprocess and to leave behind at this moment to be ready for a new evolutionary phase in our lives. It’s not easy, but what are you leaving behind to get closer to the best version of yourself?

If you have planets around the 13th degree of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, you’re likely to feel the influence of this Eclipse stronger than the rest of us.

Cleansing Lunar Eclipse Ritual

With so many emotions heightened, the only thing that you can do that will serve towards creating your own damn magic is to perform a cleansing ritual and release all emotions that are causing you harm, and preventing you to manifest the life of your dreams. Here is how to do it:

  • Light your Cleansing Candle. Breathe in and breathe out. Let the soothing and healing intentions combined with a special mix of essential oils envelop you.

  • Place the moonstone in front of the cleansing candle.

  • Light your Sage (but before you do, prepare something to put it on, because it can get really hot to hold) and breathe in deeply. Then, with the help of the feather, divert the smoke towards your moonstone.

  • Once it is cleansed and ready to use, take your moonstone in your hand. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Feel how the holy smoke of the sage combined with the healing power of the moonstone cleanses your body, soul, and empties the toxic thoughts from your mind. Feel how the old, negative patterns are dissolving in front of the new, better version of yourself.

  • Feel how the moonstones frequencies increase from the power of the Lunar Eclipse.

  • Open your eyes, and start going from room to room in your home, constantly smudging the smoke of the sage with your feather. Once you have finished, go back to your candle, sit down and calm yourself down.

  • Every time you want to invite gentle healing and cleansing energy, light your candle.

  • Every time you think you are in need of more serious cleansing, use your sage.

  • And most importantly, bring your moonstone wherever you go to stir you in the right direction!

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