Astro Alert: Cancer Season Is Open!

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on June 25 2021

On the 20th, the Sun enters home-loving Cancer, marking the start of a season when emotional safety, stability, and comfort are at the top of our lists. What people, contexts, and activities make you feel nurtured and emotionally connected?

This is what you need to focus on in the next month. The 21st is a perfect start for this Cancer season, supporting us with a highly intuitive, almost otherworldly vibe that’s great for creativity and love. It’s a time for empathy and healing.

Sun in Cancer: June 20-July 22

Sun Enters Cancer

Some say that Cancer season is all about enjoying the summer warmth. Others might argue that it’s a time to bundle up with your favorite blanket and feel all your feels, one tear at a time.

The truth is, as usual, somewhere in between! This month, we’re supported to nurture what matters the most for us, whether it’s our loved ones, a passion project, or our inner child, and to make choices that support us to feel cozy and safe.

Cancer is a soft and nurturing sign, but she’s also fiercely protective of her and her close ones’ safety. Many of us will prefer to socialize in smaller circles or to stay in and cook something delicious instead of chasing the crowd. More than usual, being part of a close-knit community gives us meaning and makes us feel like we belong during Cancer season.

Supportive aspects with Jupiter and Neptune can amp up our intuition and our sensitivity, helping us connect to our deepest feelings… and to open up to love. When we allow all emotions to flow, whether they’re pleasant or unpleasant, our ability to experience joy and connection heightens.

Sun Enters Cancer

This Cancer season is a perfect timeframe for practicing vulnerability, compassion, and self-compassion, trusting that one act of kindness can truly make a difference. It’s also a time when memories might be more vivid than usual, giving us the chance to process and to integrate past experiences.

Toward the middle of July, a powerful Sun-Pluto opposition can make us feel guarded about our emotions. If we find ourselves in the middle of power struggles or attempts at manipulation, it’s a good idea to reflect on what needs are not currently being met- and what we can do, claiming our inner strength, to balance out the situation.

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