Best Green Aventurine Healing Meditation Rituals

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on June 26 2020

One of the most beautiful healing crystals of the crystal world is without a doubt Green Aventurine! Because it possesses a joyful, uplifting yet soothing vibe, it’s an amazing crystal to meditate and heal yourself with it. Today we are sharing with you healing meditations with green aventurine! However, before you start any kind of ritual with any kind of crystal it’s important to cleanse and charge your crystals.

How To Cleanse Green Aventurine

There are countless ways for cleaning your green aventurine, and all are equally good – it’s just a matter of preference! Here are some cleansing options:

Cleansing Smoke – Cleansing your crystals by burning dried herbs like sage or pieces of wood like the one of Palo Santo is one of the best ways for cleansing your crystals. In fact, it’s our favorite way to cleanse our crystals whenever we devote ourselves to creating our own damn magic! But what makes these herbs and pieces of wood so special? Well, sage and Palo Santo are in fact one of the oldest ways of cleansing anything.

Shamans have used these herbs since the dawn of time to purify themselves and remove negative vibes. Today, scientists have been curious about their effects and a couple of studies have been performed on these herbs to determine whether they really possess cleansing properties. In that study, it was shown that Sage kills up to 92% and in some cases even higher than that of airborne bacteria.

To cleanse your green aventurine with sage or Palo Santo simply light your stick/cone/smudge stick and envelop your crystal with the smoke of the cleansing plant. Hold the intention in your head to remove any energies that don’t serve you. Then when you are done, take three deep breaths, and open the windows to let go of all negative vibes.

Cleansing Crystals – Keeping your green aventurine close to some self-sufficient cleansing and energizing crystals like black tourmaline or clear quartz is a great way to keep your green aventurine meditation in excellent, clean, and exuberant energetical shape.

Full Moon – When the moon is at the peak of its power, in her full moon phase, it’s a magnificent time to focus on letting go of things that no longer serve you. That’s why leaving your Green Aventurine rituals under a Full Moon on your windowsill will cleanse it fully and thoroughly.

Tuning Fork – Everything emits energy frequencies, including crystals. When Green Aventurine is close to negative vibes, its own vibes diminish and have less effect. To knock off any negative vibes off your green aventurine simply knock it once or twice with a tuning fork, and your crystals should shake off any negative vibes that might disturb it.

Cleansing Salt – Green Aventurine is a pretty tough crystal which is why you can also cleanse it with salt or saltwater. Simply leave it covered with salt in a bowl for at least a couple of hours, or if you feel like it should be longer, leave it however long your intuition tells you – up to three days your green aventurine will be fine. Then dispose of the salt down the drain.

How To Charge Your Green Aventurine

Okay, now that you cleansed your green aventurine, the next step that you should make is charging your green aventurine. There are countless ways to charge your green aventurine, but we will focus on the two most effective ones that we like to use:

Sunlight – Once your crystal has been properly cleansed, place your green aventurine under sunlight, and leave it there for a couple of hours to charge completely.

Although green aventurine is a tough crystal and it won’t fade on sunlight, other crystals might – so if you want to use this charging method on other crystals, place them under direct sunlight at sunrise, when the sun is the weakest to protect them from fading away.

Selenite Charging Plate – Selenite is a crystal that is known as liquid light in the crystal world – it simply radiates with light energy that never diminishes. Placing your crystals on top of a selenite charging plate will both shield them from negative vibes and charge them with light energy.

Great! Now, since you cleansed and charged your green aventurine we are ready to start the healing meditations:

Aventurine Healing Meditation

Balancing Heart Chakra Meditation

Green aventurine is an amazing crystal for connecting and balancing the Heart Chakra.

Whether you are working with a lower flow of energy in your heart chakra, or a blocked one, you can properly harmonize the heart chakra with this nourishing, yet invigorating crystal.

Starting from the green color that completely resonates with the heart chakra, to the frequencies it emits, green aventurine immediately connects with the Heart chakra which is why it’s so effective in harmonizing the heart chakra.

There are several ways to balance the heart chakra with green aventurine, however, the shape of the crystal also plays an immense role when it comes to balancing chakras. If you are trying to harmonize the heart chakra, the best shape of green aventurine to use is definitely a crystal heart; however, a palm stone can also do the trick. If all you have is tumbled stones, then 3-4 tumbled stones can also do the trick. If you are doing a complete chakra balancing ritual, then one tumbled stone per chakra is enough.

1. To further enhance this chakra healing ritual, we suggest burning some incense such as Lavender, Rose, or a Heart Chakra Incense.

2. Light your incense and take a few deep calming breaths. Breathe in and out.

3. Focus on your body, from your toes to your head. Feel every part of your body and try to relax it.

4. Then, take your green aventurine in your hand and close your eyes once again. Again, focus on feeling your body from your toes to your head. Then, focus on feeling your body, from your head, to your neck, to your chest.

5. Lay down, without opening your eyes, and place your green aventurine on your chest. Focus on the place your green aventurine is touching your skin. Feel the energy that swirls and wells up. Devote your complete focus and attention to the emotions that are coming up.

6. Take deep breaths, and focus on visualizing your heart chakra as a little green light in the darkness. Then visualize a little space, and then above that green light, there is another, bright shining energy. As the energy shines brighter and brighter, the darkness around the green light diminishes. Light finds its way and fills the darkness.

7. Then your green light starts to shine brighter and brighter, becoming bigger and bigger. Embrace every emotion that comes your way. With every breath enhance it, and with every exhale release it.

8. Focus on the green light and bath in its shimmering, nourishing energy welling up inside you. Then focus on spreading the energy through your whole body. Take deep breaths and focus on your body from your chest to your toes, and from your toes to your head.

9. Feel the exuberance of energy filling every cell in your body as you focus on every part of your body. Breathe. Take deep calming breaths. When you are completely calmed down and you feel absolutely ready, open your eyes and take your green aventurine in your hands.

Thank the universe for the beautiful, healing, and balancing energy it brought to you.

Repeat this guided meditation whenever you want to focus on your heart chakra specifically, or if you want to maintain balance in your heart chakra repeat it at least once a week. The more often you meditate, the better!

Healing Emotional Wounds Crystal Grid

Green Aventurine is a deeply nourishing crystal that can help you recognize emotional wounds, and nurture your soul back to health.

Emotional wounds are very serious and they can cause a lot of damage to your life. Most of the time when an emotional wound occurs, we are not conscious of the wound forming.

We escape the issue, further deepening the wound, hiding it deep inside ourselves so that we can more easily avoid it, and over time, the wound festers and deepens.

This greatly damages our whole being, and many negative patterns can be formed to protect ourselves from anyone or anything touching our wounds because they hurt so badly.

Sometimes, you might be just having a conversation with an acquaintance, and you suddenly lash out at their words – even if they didn’t mean any harm. That’s like having a bruise below your clothing and someone accidentally touching it. They didn’t mean any harm, little less to cause you pain, but they simply didn’t know the bruise was there, to begin with. Lashing out for seemingly no reason is only one of the many common protection impulses we indulge in when an emotional wound is present.

Because green aventurine is a great healer of emotional wounds, it’s the perfect crystal to build a crystal grid with – however this time with a twist – you along with aventurine will be the focus point of the crystal grid! But, why exactly use a crystal grid; can’t green aventurine heal emotional wounds on its own?

Well, crystal grids are usually a group of crystals with similar purpose and energy frequency, placed in a specific pattern from sacred geometry. Each crystal from the group affects the other crystals, ultimately mixing the energy frequencies into a single, new, unique energy frequency. This is possible because of the placement of the crystals in the grid on exact, specific intersections provided by a sacred geometry pattern. The sacred geometry pattern helps to enhance their frequencies and to make it easier for each crystal to interact with each other.

Although each crystal on its own holds its own energy signature that helps you to use it for a specific purpose, crystals can also be grouped to amplify their power and create a new, unique energy frequency that resonates more closely with a specific intention. That is why crystal grids are created. Working with one crystal can be amazing and help you manifest the wanted results, however, when you work with a crystal grid, you will notice that crystal grids are more effective because you are sending out a more specific and unique energy frequency which will also be stronger because of the sacred geometry.

However, because we will be working with healing emotional wounds, you need to not only attract the right energy from the Universe, but also to dive in deep within yourself and locate the emotional wounds, cleanse them, and apply the healing energy from the Universe – that’s why you will be the focus point of the green aventurine crystal grid.

The green aventurine will also be a focus point on you that will help you locate the emotional wounds, then the black tourmaline will act like balancers and cleanse your emotional wounds, and then the green aventurine will supply and apply healing energy. Then the clear quartz points will serve as enhancers, and they will enhance the healing energy of green aventurine. Let’s begin:

Clear up a big space on the floor on which you will perform the ritual. Cleaning up the floor a little is a great idea as well. If you feel like you might be cold on the floor since you will be on the floor for at least 30-40 minutes (ideally an hour) place a yoga mat, or a thin blanket on the floor – or both, one on top of the other if you think you will get very cold during that hour.

Then take your crystals, place them in front of you, and sit down on your space. Take deep calming breaths. Count your exhales – breathe in, breathe out – one, breathe in, breathe out – two, and continue counting until you count 10 breaths. Relax more and more with each breath.

Now, with a clear mind, focus on the three mini intentions that make up the big intention of healing your emotional wounds.

First focus on the two of the three pieces of green aventurine – hold them in your hands and focus on finding and healing the emotional wound. Whisper to them, “find” and ”heal”. Then place one on one side of the blanket, and one on the other side of the blanket. Place them around the area that your hands would be when you lay down.

Then take the black tourmaline in your hands, and focus on the intention of cleansing the emotional wound. Then whisper to the crystal – “cleanse”. Then place two of the three black tourmaline crystals, one about 3 inches from where your head will be on the mat, and the other about three inches of where your feet will be on the mat.

Now, take the clear quartz points in your hands and focus on the intention of healing and enhancing healing energy. Then, whisper to the clear quartz points – “heal” and “enhance”. Then place the clear quartz points in a circle around the mat, each evenly distanced from the other. Then, finally, take your last piece of green aventurine, focus on healing, and whisper “heal” to it.

Now, finally lay down, and place the green aventurine at the top of your chest, and the last piece of black tourmaline on your belly button. Lay down still, and take a few deep breaths to calm yourself down. Take a few moments to sense the vibrations around you. Breathe. That’s right, relax, and let the healing energy do its work.

Focus on yourself, deep down, where does the pain reside? Let the little green shimmering aura of the green aventurine guide you to it. You might feel very unwilling to dive that deep, but you must persist to find the emotional wounds. The green light will take you to a very deep, dark place within you, it will feel painful, and disturbing – but don’t worry, we will heal every little space within you that is in need of healing, and transform it into a beautiful garden.

Take deep calming breaths. Now that you found the emotional wound, focus your will on the intention of cleansing. Then notice a little shimmering light accompanying the green one. Will it to go closer and closer to the wound, until it touches it. At this point you might feel some very strong emotions, you might feel emotional pain, the need to cry, or scream. Let it all out.

When you start calming down, bring your focus to the energy within and the energy of the crystals. Visualize the energy within you enhancing, and every single cell of your body getting energized by the healing energy of the crystal grid. Focus on visualizing it as planting seeds in a garden. Take deep breaths.

With each breath feel more energy within you, and the seeds budding. Then, take another breath, more energy, the seeds starting to grow. Take deep breaths until you transform your inner space into a beautiful garden. Lay there for a few moments, and enjoy the serenity and beauty of your inner garden.

Then, take deep calming breaths and start focusing away from the visualization. When you feel ready open your eyes and thank the universe for the beautiful healing energy. Then, take your crystals, cleanse them, and charge them.

Because of the immense impact this meditation has, restrict yourself to performing it at most twice a month. However, take your green aventurine to your bed, and visualize visiting your beautiful inner garden for 5 minutes, before going to sleep every single night to maintain your healed inner self. I know that you might overlook this part, but DON’T! The biggest part of completely healing benefits your emotional wounds is to also take the time and nourish them back to health every single day!

We hope that these beautiful healing meditations with Green Aventurine will help you to create your own damn magic!

Tune in to our blog to learn more about Green Aventurine!



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