Astro Alert: Venus in Aries

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on February 05 2020

Dear readers, after a hardcore start to 2020, February brings softer vibes while simultaneously challenging us to keep investing energy in what matters to us. Venus and Mars, the planets of relationship, occupying cardinal signs Aries and Capricorn will prompt us to find a middle ground between passion and responsibility, while Mercury retrograde in Pisces and Jupiter’s sextile with Neptune will make it a dreamy, albeit confusing month. Read below to find out more!

Venus in Aries: February 7- March 4

If Venus in Pisces has been softening the edges of our relationships and our pleasures in the past month, her transit through Aries will be a total change of pace! In this fiery sign, love goddess Venus is spontaneous, passionate and direct. It will be easier to speak our minds in close relationships, making our desires known and fighting for what we want, with the risk of seeming childish or self-centered. Compromise isn’t a path that many of us will take this month; “my way or the highway” is Venus in Aries’ version of searching for the middle ground. 

When it comes to love, this is not a month for keeping the same old routines; do something new, refresh your connection, take a risk. Impetuousness can fuel the way we handle money, material things and pleasure as well, but there is also the joy and the passion of a new beginning! This is a month to follow your instinct and your desires, to pursue and to be pursued, to play the game of love (and win), while also keeping in mind the other side of the Aries coin: Libra, the symbol of balance, compromise and partnership. 

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