Astro Alert: Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on October 30 2022

Dear Magic Makers,

The beginning of November finds us in the heart of this autumn’s Eclipse season, brimming with hope and navigating uncharted waters. As we’re descending toward the darkest time of the year, a Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus brings major shifts, revelations, or wake-up calls that help us (re)align with our path on the 8th, while an inspiring New Moon in Sagittarius plants the seeds of future adventures on the 23rd.

While Scorpio season helps us release what no longer serves us on our path, November’s Moons are all about the potential and the growth that follows after this symbolic death and rebirth. Let’s find out more…

Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus:
November 8

Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

In the heart of this autumn’s Eclipse season, outer events and inner shifts guide us to meet our true selves as we realign with our mission or embrace leaps of consciousness. If October’s Solar Eclipse in Scorpio helped us purge the past and prepared a transformative beginning, November’s Lunar Eclipse is a moment of culmination, release, and cardinal change that can shake our world as we know it and guide us toward a powerful awakening. 

Lunar Eclipses are supercharged Full Moons: similar to a normal Full Moon, they amplify the pull of our emotions and bring our projects to fruition, but their proximity to the Lunar Nodes (also known as “the points of fate”) amplifies their importance and brings major changes for our individual and collective growth. Close to the North Node of destiny, purpose, and evolution, this Eclipse is a pathway to the future, a moment that reveals a new and possibly unexpected way forward.

Astronomically speaking, a Total Lunar Eclipse happens when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon. Because the only light that gets to the Moon is refracted by the Earth’s atmosphere, the Moon turns red during this type of Eclipse. On November 8, the Eclipse will be visible from North America, most of South America, Asia, Australia, as well as from Northern and Eastern Europe.

Attachment and Release

Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

With the Sun (our inner light), Mercury (our thinking and communication style), and Venus (our relationships and preferences) in Scorpio, the sign of passion, intensity, and rebirth, November carries us through transformative inner or outer experiences that push us to overcome our limits and embrace more of life as it is. From January 2022 until July 2023, the South Node of karma and attachment transits this powerful sign, pushing us to alchemize its shadow traits (such as possessiveness, jealousy, controlling behavior, or even tyranny) and supporting us to uncover individual and collective trauma.

On the other side of the zodiac, the Moon has found a cozy home in comfort-loving Taurus, next to the North Node of destiny. If the South Node brings repressed emotions and history to the surface, revealing how our past is loaded with pain and transgression, the Taurus North Node shows us that the healthy way forward is based on building resources and respecting all forms of life. 

As the sign of nature and simplicity, Taurus shows that our collective purpose is to come back to the basics, heal our souls by starting with our bodies, and rekindle a different (respectful, aware, loving) relationship with nature during these years. With Uranus, the planet of change and innovation, also moving through Taurus from 2018 to 2026, we’ve already seen major changes in the financial system and a new approach to our relationship with the environment.

November’s Eclipse highlights the opposition and the integration of power (Scorpio) and surrender (Taurus), feeling (Scorpio) and sensuality (Taurus), depth (Scorpio) and simplicity (Taurus). With the transformative Scorpio Sun facing the Moon in Taurus while she is on a quest for comfort and predictability, the Eclipse is bound to shake us out of our certainties and reshape our connection with the material world, from money and possessions to any situation where we (harmfully) think we’re entirely in control.

The Taurus-Scorpio axis is all about having, valuing, using, and letting go, whether we’re thinking about an object, a skill, or a relationship. The energy is stagnant or blocked when we attach our value and our sense of safety to an exterior source and when we think we rightfully deserve to have more than we need. The Taurus Lunar Eclipse is here to rebalance the scales, challenging us to reconsider the idea of (material and emotional) security and supporting us to heal our relationship with worth and value.

Because the Scorpio Sun conjuncts Mercury (the planet of learning and communication) and Venus (the planet of love and relationships), the Eclipse can target our connections as well, supporting us to find a balance between stability and independence as we heal old wounds and insecurities in this area.

Uranus in Taurus:
Embracing Change

Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

The Eclipses have a collective impact more than an individual one, but all of us can be guided toward a new chapter in the life area ruled by Taurus in the birth chart. Here is where we can celebrate the peak of a cycle, reap the rewards of our perseverance, enjoy unexpected gifts and rewards, or go through surprising changes that show us where we’ve been holding on too tightly. 

In an exact conjunction with Uranus, the planet of novelty, revelation, and instability, the Taurus Eclipse brings an element of surprise: we can take a leap of faith or take a step back, win or lose, go through moments of ecstasy or feel anxious about the future. Because divine will is at play, it’s usually difficult to predict what an Eclipse will bring, but the presence of Uranus adds an extra dose of uncertainty into the mix: our best approach is to have faith and prepare to adapt to shifting circumstances, knowing that what we feel, think, and experience at this time is meant to align or realign us with our path. 

Because Taurus rules finances, the Eclipse can bring - or rather amplify - financial instability, but it can also push us to change our money mindset and embrace the possibility of abundance… or find value and pleasure beyond material attachments, depending on our personal and collective lessons. What is shifting in your finances, your business, and your attitude toward money or possessions at this time? 

As “The Great Awakener”, Uranus has the gift of uncovering subconscious feelings or thoughts (sometimes in unforeseen ways) and guiding us toward a higher degree of freedom. Beyond material changes, the Lunar Eclipse can also bring unexpected emotions and reactions, connecting us with our need for freedom, authenticity, and change. 

We might feel anxious at first (because Uranus rules the nervous system, it’s a good idea to guide our bodies to a state of safety at this time), but this Eclipse is a lightning bolt that hits the refresh button on our lives and gives us the confidence to think and act differently. What would you do if there was no one to judge you? Beyond social conditioning, expectations, and systems, what would real freedom taste like?

Saturn: Karma and Liberation

Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

For the past year and a half, we’ve been under the influence of an aspect known as “The Clash of the Titans”: a showdown between Saturn, the planet of structure and tradition, and Uranus, the planet of change and revolution. This aspect reflects the current crises that our society is going through and challenges us to choose responsible change and conscious rebellion, merging the best of the two apparently incompatible energies. 

Because November’s Eclipse is marked by this aspect, it can bring a moment of calibration, prompting us to choose change if we feel stagnant in our comfort zones… or to embrace necessary rules, discipline, and commitment if we’ve been going our own way and mostly relying on creative chaos for the past year and a half. 

Saturn, the lord of karma, forms tense aspects with both the Sun and the Moon, putting a temporary damper on the freedom and the changes that we might get a taste of at this time. This doesn’t mean that they’re unattainable, but Saturn asks us for patience, commitment, and willingness to learn heavier lessons (perhaps lessons we’ve carried on from past lifetimes or inherited from our ancestors) in this process. Where do you feel limited or slowed down in November? How can you see these situations as teachers that help you grow in responsibility and maturity?

Beyond the Sun and the Moon, Saturn also forms tense aspects with Mercury (the planet of communication) and Venus (the planet of relationships) in Scorpio, bringing an extra dose of responsibility and a possible feeling of pressure in multiple areas of our lives. On the other side of the zodiac, changemaker Uranus calls us to break free from it all. How is this inner or outer conflict reflected in your life and how can you embrace the middle way?

Those of us with strong Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius energy have been feeling the most pressure during the past year and a half. Like diamonds in the rough, we’ve been pushed to cultivate our resilience and find creative solutions in difficult situations. This Eclipse especially targets those with important planets or points around the 16th degree of these four fixed signs. However, all of us can experience a breakthrough, an external change that helps us release old attachments, a shift in values, or a moment of inner liberation in the area ruled by Taurus in the birth chart.


Lunar Eclipse Journal Prompts:

  • Where am I being called to upgrade my view of the material world? What is changing in my attitude toward finances, possessions, abundance, and worth?
  • What patterns have been a source of frustration in my life for the past year and a half and how does this Eclipse support me to take steady steps toward a new perspective?
  • What wounds or insecurities are coming to the surface, asking me to meet my shadow side and make peace with what seems dark or foreboding within myself or in the world at large?


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