Astro Alert: Sun Enters Pisces

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on February 17 2022

Making dreams come true is also the key phrase for the upcoming Pisces season: starting from the 18th, we’re in for a month of soul-searching and deep-diving into our imagination. Get ready to enjoy this soft season by taking extra time to rest, reflect, and dream.

The Sun in Pisces:
February 18 – March 20

The Sun in Pisces

Pisces season ends the astrological year, curating the perfect picture of hibernation before the start of a new growth season. Every year, this dreamy water sign amps up our desire to get lost in our favorite fantasy (a book, a movie, an ideal), take more time for ourselves (from meditation and journaling to napping and crying sessions), and find ways of making everyday life more magical and meaningful.

We tend to be more sensitive and easy to impress during Pisces season; this is why it’s the perfect time to invest in a creative hobby, talk about our feelings with loved ones, and find ways of showing compassion to ourselves and to those around us.

Getting things done is less important than allowing life to unfold at this time; it’s a soft, receptive, yin type of energy that lays the groundwork for the upcoming spring. Especially with the Sun in close aspect with generous Jupiter and dreamy Neptune, we’re in for a particularly creative and inspiring month!

For those of us with strong Cancer and Scorpio placements, this season is medicine: our intuition is heightened and so is our ability to see the world as a story to be lived and felt deeply. Gemini and Sagittarius could feel out of depth in a season when logic is less powerful than intuition, while Virgo can learn to relax more and to see herself mirrored in her closest relationships.

Pisces season is particularly supportive for Capricorn and Taurus, while Aquarius, Aries, Leo, and Libra need to find their own way of integrating more softness and receptivity into their lives.


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