Astro Alert : New Moon in Virgo

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on August 17 2022

On the 27th, an active New Moon in Virgo opens up a new chapter in work and health-related matters, encouraging us to set practical intentions that support our daily routines, responsibilities, and self-care rituals.

Lifestyle changes or new projects at work are encouraged at this time, especially with the Moon’s dynamic aspect to fiery Mars. This is a time to mobilize our resources and prepare for action! 

As a challenge, stay mindful of possible conflicts, stress, or burnout around this day: it’s a good idea to channel extra energy into physical activities, but it’s also important to avoid pushing yourself too far.


New Moon In Virgo Meaning And Benefits

When the Sun and the Moon meet in Virgo, we’ve got a double dose of energy for setting new intentions linked to our work, health, and lifestyle: this is a time to hit the refresh button and start a new journey in these areas, backed up by a good plan and an extra dose of confidence. With the help of passionate Mars, this New Moon supports us to break negative routines and spice up our daily lives by doing more of what we’re passionate about or setting clearer boundaries for our time and energy.

Virgo is the sign of work, service, and dedication, so many of us could step into a new role at the workplace, take on extra responsibilities, start offering a new service to others, or improve a skill starting with this New Moon. Learning from a mentor or attending a course can help us develop our practical abilities at this time; because Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of learning and communication, we’re supported to stay open-minded and either embrace new knowledge or initiate a learning opportunity for others. Our minds will be particularly active during the New Moon, amplifying our need for intellectual stimulation and quality communication.

The intentions that we’re setting and the new chapter that we’re opening right now are linked to the architecture of our daily lives. Have you been thinking of starting a new exercise routine or making a change in your diet? Do you want to wake up earlier, begin your day on a high note, or try a bedtime routine that helps you sleep better? If this sounds like an ad, it’s brought to you by the Virgo New Moon, a perfect time to set intentions for a healthier body, mind, and soul. Think of what you want to change and use the current energy to visualize how you’ll look, feel, and act when your intention is fulfilled.

With Virgo, the essence lies in the details: some ideas might sound good in theory, but it’s up to this diligent sign to calculate the probability of success and design a workable plan. What life area does Virgo rule in your birth chart? This is where you’re supported to come up with a strategy, think of ways to measure your progress, and commit to a non-judgmental attitude. Unbalanced Virgo is critical of herself and others, always seeking perfection, but the positive side of this energy brings a healthy amount of critical thinking and a dedication to improving the process without demolishing the plan (or the one who made it).

The New Moon’s exact square to Mars in Gemini brings a dynamic and possibly disruptive kind of energy, depending on how each of us has integrated positive Mars traits such as courage, initiative, self-assertion, and the ability to effectively solve conflicts. There is tension in the air… and we might feel it especially at the workplace (stay mindful of disputes with co-workers, a hectic work pace, or other stressful circumstances) or at home, linked to our chores and responsibilities (it might be easier than usual to get on each other’s nerves). Avoid impulsivity at this time: there might be an increased risk for accidents, especially linked to work or transportation or involving fire or sharp objects.

Remember that others can be equally affected by this energy, especially if they have strong Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces placements in the birth chart. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, is currently in peacemaker Libra, supporting us to address problems with an extra dose of diplomacy, especially if tempers are about to flare up. Difficult situations can ask us to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes and find pathways to compromise. With Mercury, the planet of communication, in easy aspects with fiery Mars and powerful Pluto, we’ve got strong cosmic support to speak our minds and get to the bottom of a problem: a fair and firm attitude can help us work with the wild energy of this New Moon.

Virgo, Gemini, and Libra are all about the mind: it’s extra important to take care of our nervous systems at this time, finding ways to anchor ourselves and feel safe in our bodies if we tend to get lost in our minds. There’s always a lot to do, but the New Moon marks a low point in the lunar cycle, a time for recharging our batteries and planning for the future rather than rushing into action. Spending time in nature, cleansing your space, and keeping things simple can be helpful ways to ground your energy.

A few positive words about Mars in Gemini: even if he plays the role of a troublemaker during this New Moon, his influence can be positive if we use it as an impulse to understand and do more, breaking free from established patterns and initiating dynamic projects or routines. We’ve got a rare boost of energy on this New Moon, so let’s make the most of it! 

Those of us with strong Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces energy (especially with planets around the 4th degree of these signs) can feel the influence of the New Moon the most, but all of us can embrace a new practical beginning in the life area ruled by Virgo in the birth chart. 


New Moon Journal Prompts:

  • What new habits or routines do I want to build in the following months and what is the first step I could take to reach my goal?
  • What knowledge or skills am I proud to have and what new process of learning or improving my abilities can I start on this New Moon?
  • How can I find a balance between striving for more and accepting imperfection?


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