Astro Alert: New Moon And Total Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on December 01 2021

On this dreamy, but potentially hazy background, the Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 4th opens up new doors for our inner student, guide, or traveler, supporting us to leave behind what no longer serves us on our path to expansion.

It’s time to take a step back and let fate take the wheel; noticing our thoughts and emotions and opening up to new info from our spirit guides are some ways to release the need for control and to flow with this season of changes. Letting go is a main theme of this Eclipse, especially when it comes to conditioned beliefs that are holding us back. Current events can be a wake-up call to open up our minds to a different perspective.

Total Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius:
December 4

New Moon Total Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius

We’re learning how to navigate uncharted waters in the middle of this Eclipse season, especially on the 4th, when adventurous Sagittarius takes us one step closer to our chosen path for this life. Eclipses are moments when fate takes the wheel, asking us to keep our eyes open and our hearts soft when the direction is changing. Divine timing is at work; we just need to trust the process and to take care of ourselves during the shift.

If you have powerful placements around the 12th degree of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, you’ll feel the effects of this Eclipse the most, but all of us will go through a process of recalibration and expansion in the life area ruled by Sagittarius in the birth chart. The Solar Eclipse is a supercharged New Moon that marks a fresh start in education, travel, publishing, life philosophy, or spirituality, supporting us to see things from a new perspective and to embark on adventures that bring us joy and growth.

With the Eclipse happening close to the South Node of karma and attachment, this new beginning needs us to let something go so we can move forward with less baggage. Think about the Six of Swords tarot card: a woman and her child in a boat, moving away from a familiar shore. The separation isn’t always easy, but the new horizons that await will open up our perspective in ways that our old reality never could.

The South Node in Sagittarius speaks about releasing beliefs that no longer serve us. What did you learn in childhood about life, love, money, or success? Do those opinions still resonate with you? If not, what’s your authentic vision of an ideal life? Some of us could be supported to let go of prejudice, judgment, or self-judgment, while others might need to gather their attention and improve their focus, setting better boundaries for their time and energy. Excess of any kind, self-tyranny (often for the noble purpose of doing and being more), or unrealistic hopes are other shadow total solar eclipses conditions in Sagittarius traits that we’re supported to notice and to release at this time.

This Eclipse takes place in conjunction with Mercury, the messenger planet of knowledge and communication. The shifts happening now can be linked to learning new things, taking shorter or longer trips, meeting new people who inspire us, or stepping into a role that allows us to guide and inspire others, especially through our words. The mind is our most powerful instrument at this time. 

With Mercury squaring elusive Neptune and fiery Mars locked in a square with impulsive Jupiter, it’s good to stay mindful when we make a decision at this time, taking off our rose-colored glasses in favor of a more realistic approach. Sagittarius loves big dreams and high hopes, and the risks it takes are often lucky ones. At the same time, the Moon’s sextile aspect with Saturn advises us to have an extra dose of caution, to seek or to wait for extra information, and to check if our goals are truly aligned with our long-term vision. 

An offer might seem promising, but is it sustainable? Reflect on your values, then use both your reason and your intuition to say “yes” to the best option. With stable Saturn in the mix, the right opportunities require some work, but they can lead to long-term success!

The Sabian Symbol for this Eclipse is “A widow’s past brought to light”, an image fitting of the karmic undertones carried by Saturn and the South Node. We can see certain experiences from our past with more clarity and we can gain understanding about our needs and motivations. It can be easier to see where we’ve been making the same mistake over and over again and to break the cycle. At the same time, we can also benefit from the rewards of our past choices, from this life or from another.

Since the Moon’s nodes are moving into Taurus and Scorpio next year, this Eclipse is the last one on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of knowledge, highlighting what we’ve been supported to learn as a collective in the past year and a half: tolerance, open-mindedness, flexibility, and conscious use of our thoughts and words to build and to create improved realities.

Solar Eclipse Journal Prompts:

  • What conditioned beliefs do I need to let go of in order to align to my version of success?
  • What is worth carrying forward from my past?
  • What new doors to joy, growth, and abundance is the Universe opening up for me at this time?


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