Astro Alert: Full Moon In Virgo Incoming!

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on March 14 2022

Mid-March is not the best time for practical activities: take time to rest, dream, and recharge instead. The focus is on the situations that we’re devoted to, especially on the 18th, when the Full Moon in Virgo can bring insights and results in the area of work, health, and lifestyle, highlighting the outcomes of our past efforts and showing us where there’s still room for improvement.

It’s a great moment for any kind of purification or detox and a time that calls us to appreciate small steps, even if we’ve got our eyes on the bigger picture. Toward the end of the week, on the 19th, a tense aspect between love goddess Venus and revolutionary Uranus can amp up our need for personal freedom in relationships, supporting us to take space while also considering our need for closeness.

Full Moon in Virgo:
March 18

Full Moon In Pisces March 2022

When the Pisces Sun opposes the Virgo Moon, the emotional energy that we pour into our work, our health, and our daily routines and responsibilities becomes obvious. The Virgo Full Moon can illuminate anxieties, worries, fears of failure or imperfection, but it can also bring our accomplishments into full awareness, supporting us to celebrate both small steps and major victories. What is coming to fruition in your work, your responsibilities, and your lifestyle? It could be a promotion, a positive change at the workplace, or a feeling of fulfillment in your daily life. How can you honor your progress and release habits and plans that no longer serve you?

Virgo and Pisces are both preoccupied with making a significant contribution to the world: Pisces serves others through creativity and inspiration, seeking the perfection of the whole, while Virgo offers practical help, nurturing perfection in every detail. The Full Moon asks us to balance intuition and pragmatism, spontaneity and planning, faith and reason as we navigate what it means for us to contribute to the world and to follow our sense of purpose. 

Are you used to putting too much pressure on yourself to perform or to always be there for others? Do you focus more on efficiency and structure than on spontaneity and pleasure… or is it the other way around? How has the voice of your inner critic changed over time? The Full Moon can offer answers to these questions, supporting us to become aware of patterns we haven’t seen before. We can find out useful info and integrate new insights, realizing where we’ve been hiding the truth from ourselves or others (or where we’ve been deceived). Masks can fall off at this time: it’s easier to see where false hope or inertia has been keeping us stuck.

Because Virgo and Pisces also rule health, this Full Moon is a great opportunity to become aware of habits that no longer serve us. It’s important to approach any addiction or unhealthy habit with compassion, knowing that we don’t act against our health because we’re bad people with poor self-discipline, but because a certain behavior offers us temporary comfort in the face of difficult emotions. Through self-compassion (Pisces), we can take more responsibility for how we react when we feel overwhelmed (Virgo).

The Full Moon’s easy aspect with transformative Pluto supports this kind of deep inquiry, amplifying our need to know the truth and making it more likely for hidden knowledge and emotions to come to the surface. The energy of this Moon can be heavy, but not in a disruptive way; it asks us to look at ourselves with honesty and to choose what we want to leave behind. This alchemical process is supported by the Sabian Symbol for the Moon’s degree: “A baldheaded man who has seized power”. We can only have healthy power over ourselves – without being too demanding or critical – when we face both our light and our shadow.

Those of us with strong Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces energy will feel the effects of this Full Moon the most, but all of us can see results, have new insights, and shed old thought patterns in the life area ruled by Virgo in the birth chart.


Full Moon Journal Prompts:

  • How can I celebrate my progress when it comes to my work and my self-discipline?
  • What unhealthy thought patterns and habits do I want to leave behind?
  • What is more important for me: being efficient or being present in what I do?


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