7 Tips On How To Get Out Of a Bad Mood

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on November 19 2017

Sometimes you get up in a great mood but as the day goes by you feel as if all the misfortune of the world has gotten over to you. You spill your coffee on your favorite shirt, you miss the bus by 3 seconds, your favorite snack falls on the street, your boss yelled at you, your phone falls down the toilet, and you name it we’ve all been there. And the thing is these are such small trivial things but either way they seem to get to us and put us in a foul mood. Sometimes there is a lot more to it, problems at home and at work and the stress of it all, it can really get to us and not only put us in a bad mood but it can also lead to depression. So how do we stop that? How do we not let the pressure and the little things not get to us? The reality is we are in charge of our own lives and we have the power to change our perspectives and reality. Dwelling on the little things and our problems will not solve anything. So, here are some things and techniques that I use to stay positive even when everything seems to be falling apart.

1. Take a deep breath and think       about the things that I am             grateful for.

Yes, we hear this all the time. But how many of us use this technique? I always have a list of 3 things that I am grateful for and not only that I think about them, I visualize them. It sparks up a feeling in my chest and helps me turn my mood around.

2. Listen to your happy song

We all have that one song that we love and sing it from the top of our lungs. Turn on the volume and sing to your hearts content. Or maybe create a special playlist with music that inspires you. I have both and to be honest with you I turn the volume up and my worries seem to go down instantly.

3. Dance off

A great song or a playlist can’t go without some dancing, right? Dancing is a way to vent the negative energy and transform it in a positive vibe for me. I turn on the music and I dance hardcore for 10-15 minutes and it always leaves me a bit breathless and in a better even giddy mood. (Sometimes I even catch myself doing a mini dance on the bus station while I wait for the bus)

4. Go to the nearest park

Nature has a way of healing and we are all connected to it. Even though I love my comfy chair and reading a good book in it, having a nice walk in the park or even better going on a little getaway from town always brings me in a better mood. Some studies show that green is the color that has the calming effect on people.

5. Go out with your friends

Have a nice evening out with your friends. Go to the theater or on a concert or if you are not in the mood for it just go to a dinner. Being with your most favorite people on the world and laughing about simple, small things in life, what could be better than that? Instant positive energy guaranteed!

6. Distance yourself

This is my personal little technique that I use very often. Sometimes the bad things they seem to overflow you. But what I like to do is distance myself a bit. I stop seeing them as things that happen to me but as things that happen. I look at the irony of the things that are happening and sometimes I even think about how if the things that are happening to me were things that happened on a comedy series. And somehow the bad things stop drowning me and they start to seem ridiculous and funny.

7. Help someone out

Helping a friend or a colleague can be very therapeutic if you ask me. It’s a way to take charge of things and despite all the crappy things that happened to you, you take all your energy and direct it into something positive. You help yourself and you help others and that is the whole point in being a human. What could be better than that?

Don’t let the bad things in your life take charge of you and direct you to emotional carnage. You have the power to change and to direct yourself in the way you want to live. The problems come and go but our emotional health doesn’t have to suffer for things that are not permanent ergo not as important as we think they are. So vibe away and cut yourself some slack J



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