5 Rituals to Make Your Own Magic in 2019

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on January 01 2019

Astrologically speaking, 2018 was a tough year.  First, the year kicked off with a Full Moon in one of the most emo signs of the zodiac on the 1st of January.  Now, there is probably no better way to set the tone for just the type of year we experienced.  2018 was a year focused on transformation with each planetary aspect pushing us closer in alignment to our higher purpose.  Jupiter travelled through Scorpio, expanding our ability to dig deep in our psyches. Saturn was just getting warmed up in his journey through Capricorn, encouraging us to be more disciplined, responsible and strategic about our lives.  Then, we spent the summer with 6 planets in retrograde, all at the same damn time. So much of the year was spent focused on the past, that moving forward felt like running in quicksand. Finally, we the love planets, Venus and Mars went backwards, sprinkling a little havoc on our love lives.  A year of learning is definitely an understatement.

So if you are looking forward to 2019, you are not the only one! A year without Venus or Mars going retrograde and a New Moon to start the year, is one heck of a respite. A well deserved one, after 2018 after all. If 2018 was like A Christmas Story with all your pasts inspiring you to get your shit together, 2019 will be the year to integrate all that you learned, and really get to making your own damn magic.   You see, making your own magic is really about setting a goal for yourself, tapping into the guidance of the universe and then following its cues to exactly what you want. It’s about being open, centered and focused, which a HUGE themes for this upcoming year. So, if you are ready to slay 2019 like it’s yours, we have the 5 most magical rituals for you get to it.

Clear the Past:

If you are like the rest of us, letting go of the drama of 2019 might be a little difficult.  Unfortunately, feeling salty does not help you create magic, love. All it does it bring you more drama.  What really helps though is to let go of all the emotions, beliefs, feelings and energy that held you back.  This is in three ultra-simple steps. Clean. Write. Release. First physically, clean your body and space. Get rid of the clutter.  Let go of anything that you don’t regularly use. If you are suffering from separation anxiety, just remember that the universe will only bring you what you have the space for.  And, the universe loves to upgrade what you gave away. This is also the optimum time for a shower cry. No shame or shade here. Releasing any pent up fears, disappointments or sadness you’re carrying through the act of crying is one of the most profound way to go.  Next up, write down anything you want to release into the universe’s care. Don’t judge this list. If it’s not in alignment with what you want to create in 2019, then write it down. If you need to cry again, that’s cool. Allow yourself the space to. Finally, break out the sage, Palo Santo, lavender, sweet grass, frankincense, whatever you got to burn and cleanse.  Allow the smoke to cleanse your body and home, telling the universe to release all that no longer belongs to you. Check out our Ultimate Sage Cleansing Kit or our Cleanse My Home Kit for an added boost.

Set a Vision:

If you don’t know where you want to go, you might end up anywhere.  This could be a good or a bad thing, but throwing some clarity at the universe couldn’t hurt either.  Plus, some say that the more concise and clear your vision is, the more likely you will get exactly what you want.  Well, how could you make it anymore clear than an actual Vision Board! Vision boards are so magical because as you are putting them together you develop an extra sense of clarity as to what you want, what you don’t want and where you are headed.  Plus, you will have it as a reminder if you ever get discouraged or temporally distracted. Just get out a piece of construction paper, some old magazines or computer printouts, glue, scissors and get to bringing your vision into the material world.  Once you’re finished, be sure to attach a little advance gratitude to the universe to scheming to get you all that you want. Finally, don’t be afraid to dream big, beautiful. Remember, how can you have a dream come true if you don’t have a dream. If you’re needing a bit of help with connecting with your inner visionary try some Amethyst or Malachite.

Turn On Your Light:

Speaking of visions and dreams, if you want to boost your vision boarding or intention setting to the next level, light a candle.  A little ritual candle as one of your 5 rituals for the year, could do the trick, but if you want to go big and create something carved and sparkly, go ahead, love.  Either way, the most important part of candle magic is connecting the gratitude and happiness you will feel when you’ve accomplished the things you are intenting with the candle.  Hold your candle, speak your intention aloud and imagine all of the happiness and gratitude you can pouring from your heart chakra into your candle, lighting it up with your love. Once you feel good and settled that you’ve attached a ton of positive juju, then go ahead and light it up. Check out some reiki or intention infused candles here.

Manifest, Manifest, Manifest:

If you want to take your candle magic routine to the next level, just go big and set up a manifestation altar.  What’s a manifestation altar, you say? It is a sacred space where you store and work with any magical tools you use (candles, crystals, incense, paper, pens, etc).  It is a place that other people don’t go putting their vibes. And most importantly, It’s the place where you go when you need to zen out for a bit and quickly access a meditative state.  This could literally be a 2 foot corner in your apartment. It needs not to be elaborate (unless that’s your style), but just a place that isn’t trampled with the ordinary. It is the place that you will create your own magic.  This is the time to create it. There is a New Moon on 1/5/19 that is so magical that we hope your altar is all set for it. If not, follow the steps below and you will be all set. Throughout the year, try to spend a few minutes a week hanging out in this space even if its just for a quick meditation.

  • Clear a space, 2 feet minimum.  You need to have space to sit or kneel.

  • Pick your most magical items.  Think crystals, candles, pens, paper, necklaces, candle holders, notebooks, a mala, bells, singing bowls, anything that relaxes you and makes you want to commune with the universe

  • Cleanse anything you will keep on your altar.  Use some sage or palo santo.

  • Light a white candle and declare your safe as sacred.

  • Thank the universe for letting you experience it’s magic.

Grid It Out:

A Crystal Grid is a fantastic first manifestation altar ritual and an excellent ritual if you had to choose only 5 ritual for the new year.  Crystal grids are more or less placing your crystals in a pattern that’s considered sacred geometry. An infinity sign is an amazing way pattern to start with as it allows the crystals to work together to bring you an infinite amount of whatever it is you choose.  It’s pretty simple too. Pick out a crystal that will be your focal crystal. It should be one that is in alignment with your intention. So for instance, if you wanted to create more abundance in your life, pick a piece of citrine or pyrite as your focal crystal. Generally this will be your largest or shiniest crystal.  This will go smack in the middle of the infinity sign. All that’s left to do now, is surround your focal crystal with an amplifier crystal like clear quartz. You can place them along the lines of the infinity, making sure it’s balanced and symmetrical. The next step is to us your fingers and connect all the crystals with an imaginary line.  Finally, state your intention out loud and give a little gratitude. Keep this around for as long as you like, but take some time to cleanse and state you intentions at least once a week to keep the energy popping. If you want a crystal grid template, get them here for free.

We really hope you enjoyed these 5 rituals for the new year and they bring you loads of light, love and of course magic.

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