Wooden Tripod Display Stand (6-inch)

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Natural and enchanting, this three-legged wooden stand has been carved from a single piece of wood and is designed to hold a crystal ball or an abalone shell for smudging ceremonies.

Our handcrafted wooden tripod stand features lightweight but durable interlocking pieces, meaning no assembly is required, just a quick and easy setup!

A folding Tripod wood display stand, better known as a "Cobra Stand," is great for displaying your specimens, spheres, or shells. These wooden stands are hand-carved in India from a single piece of wood and then stained with a mahogany color. 


Material: Wood
Type: Art-Style Stand
Color: Mahogany
Brand: Handmade
Item Height: 6 in
Item Width:  Less Than 6 in
Item Length: Less Than 6 in

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