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Transform Your Life with VortexHealings and Psychic Sessions by Simon Deacon

Experience profound healing and intuitive guidance with Simon Deacon, a skilled Vortex Healer and Psychic. Simon's unique sessions provide deep relaxation, energization, and transformative healing on multiple levels, including emotional, physical, spiritual, and even karmic.

What Simon's VortexHealings and Psychic Sessions Offer:

  • Deep Channeling: Simon begins with deep channeling to relax and energize your system, setting the stage for profound healing.
  • Magical Structures: Utilizing what is known as magical structures, Simon channels these into your system, targeting specific emotional and physical issues for multifaceted healing.
  • Comprehensive Healing: The sessions address mental, emotional, spiritual, and karmic levels, releasing core conditioning and negative patterns.
  • Karmic Block Release: Simon's VortexHealing® uniquely targets and releases karmic blocks, including the powerful 'karma knot' release for accelerated resolution of deep-seated issues.
  • Transformational Shifts: Post-session, expect shifts in your outer reality—serendipitous encounters, new opportunities, and resolution of longstanding problems.
  • Psychic Insights: Simon also shares intuitive, psychic messages, providing additional guidance and clarity.

Simon's sessions are an effective alternative to traditional therapies, with a few sessions equating to months or years of work in other modalities. His approach ensures a holistic and profound transformation, echoed by numerous testimonies.

Session Details and Pricing:

  • 30-minute session: $25
  • 45-minute session: $40
  • 1-hour session: $75

Unlock a New Dimension of Healing and Insight: Don't miss this opportunity to explore the depths of your being and initiate a significant shift in your life. Book a Vortex Healing and Psychic Session with Simon Deacon today and step onto a path of accelerated healing and self-discovery.

Please Note: Simon Deacon's services are intended for personal growth and are not a substitute for professional medical, financial, or legal advice.

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