Unakite 8mm Bead Gemstone Bracelet

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This Unakite gemstone bracelet is Mother Nature's masterpiece in art. You can wear it to the gallery, to the theater or to the garden party. The Unakite stones let your creativity run wild with natural Unakite.

This elasticated bracelet is made up of genuine 8mm Unakite gemstones bead, Each bead is smooth and the bracelet itself is very comfortable to wear, they are very similar to our power bracelets.

Unakite Round Bead Stretch Bracelet Handmade with natural gemstones, these elegant, durable, and affordable bracelets have 8mm round beads and a strong elastic cord. They are a perfect way to carry the unique and amazing healing properties of this beautiful gemstone.

Our natural crystal bracelet features genuine Unakite stones. Unakite has a natural mix of green Epidote, pink Feldspar, and clear Quartz. These stones are polished into round beads and are strung on elastic stretch cords.

The Unakite healing crystals balance emotional and spiritual bodies and provide a gentle release of creative blockages.

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