Tribal Soul Palo Santo Fragrance Oil 10ml

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**Tribal Soul Palo Santo Fragrance Oil - 10ml**

Product Description:

- Tribal Soul Palo Santo Fragrance Oil is a premium, highly concentrated 10ml oil that captures the essence of Palo Santo, a sacred wood revered for its cleansing and healing properties. This oil is a part of the esteemed Tribal Soul collection, known for authentically representing traditional scents.
- The fragrance is inspired by the time-honored use of Palo Santo in indigenous rituals for purification and spiritual guidance. Its warm, woody scent with hints of citrus and pine is ideal for fostering a serene and balanced atmosphere, perfect for meditation, relaxation, or spiritual practices.
- This versatile oil can be used in multiple ways, including in oil burners, diffusers, or as an addition to homemade candles or potpourri. A small amount is sufficient to fill a space with its distinctive and comforting aroma.
- Crafted with care, the oil ensures a long-lasting fragrance that stays true to the natural aroma of Palo Santo wood. It is free from harsh chemicals, catering to those who prefer natural, organic fragrances.
- Packaged in a 10ml bottle, the oil is easy to use, store, and transport. The bottle is designed with a secure cap to prevent leaks and maintain the oil's potency.
- Beyond its delightful scent, Tribal Soul Palo Santo Fragrance Oil serves as a bridge to ancient traditions, offering a spiritual and grounding experience to modern users.


- Creates a calming and spiritual environment, ideal for enhancing meditation, yoga, or relaxation practices.
- Offers a long-lasting, natural fragrance with just a few drops.
- Suitable for various applications, including in oil burners and diffusers, or as an additive to DIY aroma projects.
- Made with natural ingredients, providing a healthier alternative to synthetic fragrances.
- Easy-to-use, compact, and leak-proof packaging ensures convenience and longevity of the product.

Unique Aspects:

- Authentic Palo Santo scent known for its spiritual and cleansing qualities.
- Part of the Tribal Soul collection, which is highly regarded for its commitment to traditional and meaningful fragrances.
- Aligns with the preference for natural and environmentally friendly products, offering a sustainable choice in home fragrances.
- Reflects a dedication to quality and tradition, making it a thoughtful and meaningful choice for those interested in holistic and spiritual wellbeing.

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