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The Fortune Telling Directory” is an extensive and comprehensive guide to the world of fortune telling and divination. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in exploring various methods of foreseeing the future and gaining insights into their life and destiny.
• The directory covers a wide range of fortune telling practices, from classical methods like tarot reading, astrology, and palmistry to lesser-known techniques such as tea leaf reading, scrying, and bone casting. Each method is detailed with its history, basic principles, and instructions on how to practice it.
• Authored by experts in the field of divination, the book offers not only technical knowledge but also insights into the cultural and historical contexts of these practices. This deepens the reader’s understanding of each method’s significance and application.
• “The Fortune Telling Directory” includes practical tips for beginners, such as how to choose the right tools, set the ambiance for a reading, and interpret symbols and signs. It also caters to experienced practitioners looking to expand their knowledge and explore new techniques.
• The book is beautifully illustrated, featuring images of divination tools, symbols, and traditional practices, which not only add visual interest but also aid in the reader’s learning process.
• This directory is more than a guide; it’s a journey through the mystical and intriguing world of divination. It’s perfect for those with a curiosity about the future, enthusiasts of the occult, or anyone seeking a comprehensive overview of fortune telling traditions.


• Offers a thorough introduction to a wide range of fortune telling methods, making it a versatile resource for learning and exploration.
• Enhances the reader’s understanding of divination practices with historical and cultural contexts.
• Provides practical advice and instructions, making it accessible for beginners while also serving as a reference for experienced diviners.
• Encourages a deeper appreciation of the ancient arts of fortune telling and divination.

Unique Aspects:

• Comprehensive coverage of various fortune telling techniques, both popular and obscure.
• Expertly written, combining technical details with historical and cultural insights.
• Beautifully illustrated, enhancing the educational and visual experience of the reader.
• “The Fortune Telling Directory” stands out as a definitive resource, offering an in-depth look into the fascinating world of divination and the art of predicting the future.

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