Tarot Of The Witch’s Garden

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Tarot of the Witch’s Garden – A Journey Through Nature’s Mysticism

The Tarot of the Witch’s Garden is a captivating deck that invites you to explore the mystical synergy between the ancient practice of tarot and the timeless wisdom of the earth’s flora. Each card in this deck blooms with the vibrant energy of nature, weaving together the symbolic language of tarot with the healing and magical properties of garden plants and herbs.

Product Features:

• Botanical Imagery: Each card is richly illustrated with beautiful, botanical art, representing traditional tarot symbolism through the lens of a witch’s garden. From the fool embarking on a journey amongst budding sprouts to the majesty of the emperor seated in a throne of oak, every image is crafted to inspire and guide.
• Intuitive Interpretations: The deck is designed to be accessible to both novices and seasoned tarot readers, offering intuitive insights into life’s challenges and opportunities through the wisdom of the natural world.
• Comprehensive Guidebook: Included with the deck is a detailed guidebook that explores the meaning behind each card, the botanical lore associated with the featured plants and herbs, and suggested spreads for readings.
• Spiritual Connection: This deck encourages a deeper connection with the natural world, reminding us of the cycles, mysteries, and magic that lie in the garden and

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