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Tarot Made Easy” by Nancy Garen is an accessible and practical guide designed to simplify the process of learning and using tarot cards. Ideal for beginners and those seeking a straightforward approach to tarot, this book demystifies the traditional complexities associated with tarot reading.
• The book introduces the tarot in a clear and concise manner, explaining the meanings of the 78 cards in the tarot deck, including both the Major and Minor Arcana. Nancy Garen’s approach is to provide readers with direct, easy-to-understand interpretations of each card, making it easier to remember and apply these meanings in readings.
• One of the key features of “Tarot Made Easy” is its focus on practicality. Nancy Garen offers a variety of simple spreads and techniques for reading the cards, along with guidance on framing questions and interpreting the cards in a spread. This hands-on approach is designed to build confidence in new readers.
• In addition to card meanings and reading techniques, the book includes tips on choosing and caring for a tarot deck, creating the right atmosphere for readings, and developing intuition - all essential aspects of becoming an effective tarot reader.
• “Tarot Made Easy” is not just a manual; it’s also a workbook. It encourages readers to actively practice with their tarot cards as they learn, reinforcing their understanding and skill as they progress through the book.
• Nancy Garen’s engaging writing style and the book’s user-friendly format make “Tarot Made Easy” an enjoyable and informative read, suitable for anyone interested in the art of tarot reading, regardless of their level of experience.


• Simplifies the learning process for tarot beginners, making it less daunting to start reading tarot cards.
• Provides clear and concise interpretations of each tarot card, aiding in quicker understanding and recall.
• Offers practical tips and techniques for conducting tarot readings, enhancing the reader’s skills and confidence.
• Encourages interactive learning, allowing readers to apply their knowledge as they progress through the book.

Unique Aspects:

• Focuses on making tarot reading accessible and straightforward, ideal for those who may feel overwhelmed by more traditional tarot guides.
• Combines instructional content with a workbook approach, ensuring an engaging and hands-on learning experience.
• Authored by Nancy Garen, a respected tarot expert, lending credibility and depth to the content.
• “Tarot Made Easy” stands out as an approachable and comprehensive guide, perfect for anyone looking to embark on the journey of tarot reading with ease and clarity.

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